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AZT #17 - FR4 Campsite to Picketpost TH, AZ
mini location map2014-11-16
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AZT #17 - FR4 Campsite to Picketpost TH, AZ 
AZT #17 - FR4 Campsite to Picketpost TH, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 16 2014
Hiking7.36 Miles 609 AEG
Hiking7.36 Miles   3 Hrs   41 Mns   2.36 mph
609 ft AEG      34 Mns Break
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Woke up with a dew-topped tent again. Slept pretty well both nites I was out there; that is after taking ibup. nite time to relieve the muscle aches :lol: . We all had some breakfast and coffee. A few of us would work a couple hours before hiking back to the PP TH. The morning was a bit overcast but we ended up with blue sky at the end of the hike. Four of us worked pretty hard on a couple sections. I was working with Marvin this time and boy does he keep an eye on you ;) so I started to move the clippings further away from the trail.

Headed back to camp around 10 to finish packing up my backpack for the trip out. I would be hiking back with Roger and Heather. Marvin and Marlene had already started back while Chris, Sirena, Wendy and India would be taking the vehicles. It's a slight climb out of camp and then you contour along the side of a mountain before reaching the first saddle. The next part of the hike is similar as you hike down and around again. At the next high point we could see the vehicles on FR 4 as they had stopped. So we hooted and hollared and waved to get their attention which we eventually did.

I was having trouble with my backpack hurting my rhomboids and upper back area and shoulders. On the way in, Sirena had taken some of my gear and I had no trouble with the backpack hiking in but with the additional 7 pounds or so (my clothes bag, tent and clippers) it was a bit painful. The last four backpacks I have tried backpacking with the tent in my pack and strapped in on the outside of the pack; both ways are now uncomfortable. When I initially started backpacking I had the tent strapped at the bottom to the pack and it wasn't an issue. I've been pretty comfortable backpacking until after the HorseCamp Seep backpack; ever since then I've had difficulty with the pack being comfortable so I think I've screwed up the settings and can't seem to get back to what I originally had ](*,) .

We did stop at one place along the trail to nip out some catclaw as I had my big clippers with me. Anyway, it was a great day for a hike as there was a slight cool breeze blowing and of course the views were just tremendous; especially with Picketpost looming in front of you. Heather and Roger (aka "not yet" until he comes up with a screen/trail name; he is a HAZ lurker) hiked slightly ahead of me most of the time. We stopped for lunch with a view toward Apache Leap. Thankfully we were slightly out of the wind which was a bit chilly.

I enjoyed walking in and around the drainages as we finished off the last 3 1/4 miles or so. Before we began the hike around around 11:45 I thot we would be done around 3:30 and we were. Once back at the Trailhead, I grabbed a beer that I shared with Roger. The three of us visited for about 15 minutes before heading our separate ways. AZT 17 is a beautiful trail in pretty good condition though it does need some work in the 17a section as it is fragile from the rain we rec'd this fall.

Here are the two videos from the hike out:
Named place
Named place
Apache Leap Picketpost Mountain
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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