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Bright Angel Trail from Indian Gardens, AZ
mini location map2014-10-18
19 by photographer avatartibber
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Bright Angel Trail from Indian Gardens, AZ 
Bright Angel Trail from Indian Gardens, AZ
Backpack avatar Oct 18 2014
Backpack4.76 Miles 3,674 AEG
Backpack4.76 Miles   3 Hrs   30 Mns   1.57 mph
3,674 ft AEG      28 Mns Break
1st trip
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well the time has come to get out of this canyon. as the sky brightened the camp rustled out of their tents. this was after a night of a chorus of shifting bodies (it seemed when one person rolled, those of that were rolling, rolled too). ate my bagel and huckleberry honey (the honey was a disappointment). packed up my gear and put on my pack hoping that I would have my legs and that my lungs would continue to give me lots of breath and hoping I wouldn't be the last one out. I was the fourth to start. I would be hiking alone, no cheerleaders for me this time.

a little after 7AM I fired up my HAZTRKS (HAZtrks had trouble with the first 1/2 mile or so & we would have several disagreements about the elevation gain ;) . I had set the Trks to talk to me every quarter mile therefore I would have a hiking partner in a way.) Those that heard appreciated the initial and beginning narration on behalf of I also turned on Scout III who can't get the mileage right to save it or my life :x . it was a lovely morning temperature wise and didn't feel too humid as I started putting one foot in front of the other.

I expected it to take me almost 5 hours since that's what it was in 2010 (it was only 4:20 but I didn't remember exactly - I think the 5 hours was when we finally got to eat :lol: ) altho I think I'm in better hiking shape now. I would guess about what time I would get where and didn't think I'd make the 3 Mile house until 8:30ish. but lucky for me, I was feeling good, thank God (though I'm not religious) and I got there by 8. George had just passed me and was taking a break. Then Jessie arrived followed by Deepa so I got a couple pics of them.

I didn't break long as I was still feeling spry :wlift: so off I went. The views back toward the canyon were quite hazy which for me was a bonus as I didn't stop much to get pictures. I even actually passed some people. Granted others passed me too but for me, it's a rare occasion when someone has to eat my dust :sl: . not too far from the next rest stop I could hear mules so I pulled over to let them pass. forty-five minutes from the 3 Mile House I was arriving at the 1 1/2 Mile House. It was almost 9AM. Kate and Kyle were resting here but left shortly after I arrived. I talked with some much younger folks resting behind me that were having the time of their lifes. One young man was the cheerleader for the girls to keep on moving. I ate my raisins and tried that new little pouch of Gatorade to give me the energy to finish this last 1000 feet.

I think somewhere around here Jory caught me and I gave him the keys to Tonto Jr as he would get to the top before me. now I would start to have to really push myself up those wooden bars, it just takes a lot of energy. and here I felt like my pack was as heavy as it was when I started on Thur morning. at 9:36 I see the first tunnel which means not too far now. Just below me was Deepa and she passed me near here. At last, a little after 10 I reach the 1/4 mile tunnel (.18 I think). How about that! And now I danced my way up :DANCE: , not really, that last bit, took my pics of the new TH signage and headed back to Tonto Jr.

I was still surprised how well I did; it was a great boost to my confidence and that all of the hiking I have been doing the last 4 years has paid off. It wasn't easy, but maybe "not as hard as I thot"; something Wendy always asks me about. I managed to get up the BA in 3:15 vs the 4:20 in 2010; and without a cheerleader (I depend on my hiking buds when I hike up big hills). Interesting too is that it took us 3:25 to get down

We all eventually met up at the BA bar. I ran into Jessie (she must have been taking lots of pics) as I was coming back down the BA to the Rim trail. I showed her where the BA was and there we met up with Clyde, Kate, Kyle, Jessie, and Deepa. I had seen Ed at the top of the BA as he was waiting for the others. I was so anxious to get my "red beer (beer and tomato juice) - a concoction we drank back in my days in Montana rather than water in the morning :-$ " only to discover that the bar wouldn't even open for 15 minutes yet (shame on them) and then when I ask for a red beer the bartender talks about a red beer as in craft and then they don't have tomato or clamato juice. So I tried the beer and bloody mary mix; not good.

We decide to have lunch at the BA too but it doesn't open for another 15 minutes either. Once at our tables most people ordered burgers and devoured them. We bid our adieus and went our separate ways. The four CBCers were overniting in Phx, another three were riding with Clyde, and an ABCer was driving back himself while I had one passenger. It was a great trip with all new people except Clyde. Clyde was our trip leader and as usual, did a great job. In fact, we are now going to try to put together a four day R2R that Clyde has done in the past so we'll see how that goes. This was a wonderful mix of people Clyde put together via Meetup groups with most hiking into the Grand Canyon for the first time.

No video for this trip up :o . It's just too hard to have trekking poles and breath and take a movie at the same time... oh ya, and go up almost 3000 feet in 4 1/2 miles.
Altocumulus Floccus
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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