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mini location map2015-01-23
13 by photographer avatarAZLumberjack
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Dome MountainPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 23 2015
Hiking5.75 Miles 1,357 AEG
Hiking5.75 Miles   3 Hrs      1.92 mph
1,357 ft AEG
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Preston PM'd me for a Superstitions hike but I re-directed his thoughts towards the Goldfields and it turned out to be a pretty reasonable alternative. After reading Angela & Kelly's trip reports into Bulldog Canyon, I though this would be a good starting off place, if I can find that darn Trailhead.

Trailhead found, it was just a matter of changing into our gear and hitting the trails, only thing is that the trails around here are ATV & Jeep trails that are well used and go in every direction especially up and down. Not many trail signs to point the way so it's a matter of studying the maps prior to departure and where the ATV/Jeep trails end there's not much for foot/horse trails to mark the way.

So it was bushwhacking from here on. I had spotted a canyon on the maps and has set that as my goal for this hike. The bushwhacking wasn't too bad and it was possible to go around the thickest parts so we kept circling and aiming for the next ridge in sight. The going was easy and we gained altitude slowly until we reached a ridge offering views of the canyon and one of those mountain tops was Dome Mountain :-k

We were kinda cliffed-out at this point but soon a couple of hikers approached following the same ridge we were viewing from. At least these guys had some knowledge of the area and pointed out a trail leading up the ridge we were on and connecting to a ledge on the far side of the canyon that would take you to the summit of Dome Mountain. Going to leave that trip for another outing though :)

We thanked the duo for their insight and began bushwhacking our way back to the main(?) trail back down in the wash. Once back down in the ATV/Jeep trail we were walking in soft sand until we came across a horse trail leading out of and alongside the wash, a rare pleasure around here :?

There are so many well-worn trails that it's hard to find the right one that will take you back to the Trailhead and along the way we came across party central headquarters with a large stone fire ring and junk/garbage everywhere. I filled up two plastic Walmart bags with plastic bottles/cups and aluminum cans while Preston fumbled with a large mangled camp chair which we loaded in the back of my truck for recycling.

Before heading back, we stopped for some post-hike refreshments at the Bluebird Mine Store along HWY 88 where we sat at an outdoor picnic table with views of the mountains we had just departed. I got my binoculars and we were able to see the ridge we were on and the ledge leading to a cut in the canyon that led to the summit of Dome Mountain....looks like a piece of cake from here :sl:

Thanks Preston for accompanying me on this exploration hike and the refreshments afterwards. :D
On every trip into the Superstitions, I find another Gold Mine. Today the mine was filled with Memories. I can not wait for the next trip.
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