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Aztec Peak via Parker Crk & Moody Rim Lp, AZ
mini location map2015-03-07
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Aztec Peak via Parker Crk & Moody Rim Lp, AZ 
Aztec Peak via Parker Crk & Moody Rim Lp, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 07 2015
Hiking19.00 Miles 4,052 AEG
Hiking19.00 Miles   8 Hrs      2.38 mph
4,052 ft AEG
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1st trip
Saw the posts on this loop and was impressed by the pretty scenery. I had a late start, but the first part of Parker Creek Trail 160 was well shaded being in the pine forests. The moisture in the air and the pleasant scent of pines definitely helped my allergy :) The creek was running nicely! I enjoyed the big rock field on the way. I think it would really cool to do a backpack in this area - listening to the rushing creek at night and all the animals using it.

It got a little warm when I started descending from the ridge because it was southeast facing. Passed the junction with 139 and then hiked on FS487 for a bit before turning onto Abbey Way Trail 151. The impact of the Coon Creek fire was more evident on this leg with all the blowdown and burn. I remember someone's comment about some downed logs being strategically placed so that they were difficult to go over or crawl under LOL. Similar situations later on at a few spots on Rim Trail 139.

I got on the top of Aztec and had a nice lunch break, soaking in the views from above. The top of the tower had a pad lock and I was only able to get up 2/3 of it perhaps. The scenery lookout spot on the other side was nice. Definitely would be a good spot to chill with a group of people - cards/lunch "tables" etc. :)

The descent on FS487 offered a great view of the mountain ranges on the other side of Aztec. I turned on Moody Point Trail 140, which had its own beauty. When I got on the Rim Trail 139, I remembered someone's comments about it being an angle roller in the first section. The Rim Trail offered a variety of scenery and was definitely very cool! I must not have been paying enough attention and only spotted one black bear print. I did not come across another soul until I was almost at the junction of 139 and 160 where 3 backpackers had set up their camp and were chowing down Mountain House. They were saying how not fun it was when they tried to go down to the Devil's Chasm and bushwhacked the whole way. They saw a ton of bear prints - they used the phrase "bear army" :)

I got back onto Parker Creek trail and started climbing back up the ridge. It got dark when I started the final descent from the top. But I was rewarded with the gorgeous sunset! Hiking with a headlamp in the dark forest listening to the rushing creek was definitely very cool! You somehow feels more in tune with your surroundings, perhaps because you can't see much :)

I will probably come back again late summer or fall - the colors will definitely be gorgeous!
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Aztec Peak Aztec Peak Fire Lookout
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