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Superstition Ridgeline
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mini location map2015-03-28
44 by photographer avatarOdinWiski
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Superstition RidgelinePhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 28 2015
Hiking14.80 Miles 5,110 AEG
Hiking14.80 Miles   14 Hrs      1.83 mph
5,110 ft AEG   5 Hrs   54 Mns Break
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1st trip
We certainly picked a warm day to do this hike. At 95 degrees with no shade, humans are fine as long as we bring plenty of fluid. It is too warm for dogs to be doing a lot of boulder hopping, jumping, and scrambling that make them constantly expend bursts of energy required by those motions and movements for extended periods of time as opposed to simply walking and trotting on gentle grade in the heat.

We opted to go up Flat Iron and come down on Carney because it would minimize the sun exposure as much as possible. We had a relatively early start, Flat Iron was busy as usual. Dogness did great for the most part in picking her own line going up with me sometimes redirecting her to take a better line. Had to lift her and catch her from above at the very last 12-foot wall. I still think that ledge on the left of that wall might have been an easier line to get her up without having to lift her. I was wishing she was something like a JRT for a couple of minutes there. I had the same wish at a couple of spots along the ridgeline too where we had to do the lift and catch to get her over some walls.

After stopping on Flat Iron briefly to take in some views with the crowds, we continued on the Ridgeline. It was definitely pretty and felt great to watch Weaver's Needle from above most of the way and close in on 5057 - it seemed so far away! Very cool to look down at the mountain ranges and valleys. There was barely any breeze at all or shade. We took a lot of breaks to water Wiski and get her to cool down a bit. That coupled with picture taking and filming make it slow going. When I worked her and competed with her a few years back, on warm days like this we would take turns working our dogs only 2 or 3 sessions in the morning with at least an hour break in between sessions when they were put up in crates in the shade with breeze and water to cool down.

I have to agree with some of the trip reports on the approach to 5057 where you have to skirt around a couple of peaks right before it. There has to be a better trail than that?! :) When we got to the base of 5057, my friend decided to stay in the shade with Dogness and wait for me because his feet were acting up even though I helped him tape a couple of hot spots a couple of miles back. Wiski needed an extended break in the shade to cool down so that worked out well and I was appreciative. I went up to the summit myself. The 360 view up there was gorgeous!

We continued on to West Boulder Saddle uneventfully. Just took our time breaking and watering Wiski. It was cool to look back at 5057 as we kept dropping down. We did end up doing 2/3 of the descent down Carney with headlamps, but it was not bad at all. It was a great hike, but the No.1 concern was Wiski being overheated. I voted Neutral on dog recommendation for this hike because in the winter time it will be OK for some dogs. This would be my last hike in the western Supes until winter comes.
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