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Massacre Falls Loop - Jacobs Crosscut, AZ
mini location map2015-03-14
21 by photographer avatarrayhuston
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Massacre Falls Loop - Jacobs Crosscut, AZ 
Massacre Falls Loop - Jacobs Crosscut, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 14 2015
Hiking8.93 Miles 1,466 AEG
Hiking8.93 Miles   5 Hrs   15 Mns   2.16 mph
1,466 ft AEG   1 Hour   7 Mns Break
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I'm recovering from a cold and wanted a hike that wouldn't result in too much heavy breathing. This was the ticket. Starting at Jacobs Crosscut TH on FW Road, I cobbled together a couple of HAZ routes and followed some other unnamed routes to and from the massacre grounds area near Massacre Falls.

I didn't know I was fond of hiking in creeks (when they're mostly dry,anyway), but I've been on a couple of loop hikes along creeks in this area and enjoyed them quite a bit. This was no exception. The tributary creek that I followed towards the massacre grounds had some nice pools of water and some light flow in places. Quite a few wild flowers all along the creek. I have read that cat claw is bad in this area. I didn't have that problem, but I stayed in the creek bed throughout. It was an enjoyable stretch.

After a mile and a quarter or so, you come to a junction with a horse trail that eventually connects with the Massacre Falls trail. I took this route up to the cliffs ("Massacre Ramp"). I spent some time viewing the massacre grounds (or at least the area labeled on maps as the massacre grounds) from the cliffs above. The views to the east from the cliffs are excellent. When I finished exploring along the cliffs, I followed a cairned route cross country to the fins, stopped at one to have lunch, then completed my loop back to Jacobs's Crosscut on the route called Silverlock Prospect in Carlson/Stewart's Superstitions West book (trip 41). While having lunch, I met a nice couple, Sarah and Rob, from Apache Junction out hiking near the fins. They accompanied me the rest of the way back.

We took a side trip about a mile or so from CC trailhead, departing the trail to the north along a small plateau, then dropping down the east side into a lush lower area heading towards the CC trail. I call this lower area from Weeks Wash up to the plateau the granny trail, because that's where I take my 80 year old mother when she comes to visit. Very pretty and tame along this section.

Nice, easy pace. Gorgeous day out. Had a blast. Another beautiful day in paradise!
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