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Shaw Butte Western Towers, AZ
mini location map2015-02-18
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Shaw Butte Western Towers, AZ 
Shaw Butte Western Towers, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 18 2015
Hiking3.25 Miles 874 AEG
Hiking3.25 Miles   1 Hour   15 Mns   2.79 mph
874 ft AEG      5 Mns Break
1st trip
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WARNING; may be TMPI for this trip log. I wanted to go workout but I'm wearing a heart monitor for 24 hours and it's a bit awkward. Nothing serious, just testing if a drug is responsible for my increased heart rate from 60-70 to 80-90 and higher or if it's something else. Update 3-5-15, it is the drug.
I wanted to try and replicate what happens on steeper hills when my heart rate gets a goin' too fast. Well wouldn't you know it; I had a really good hike and was strong and didn't struggle at all! But I did have my shirt on inside out :lol: which I didn't realize until I was into the trail a bit and nowhere to pull over and switch it. I've been wearing this shirt since 2003; it's faded a lot on the outside so the inside actually looks better ;) .

Anyway, I headed up the trail. There was a sign that said to be alert to trail work. First thing I noticed was a new pole with a 306 sticker on it that you can scan (there were a couple more at various points). It looks to me like they added some pavement since I last walked up from the Central Ave TH. And once the pavement ends there is a dirt side path to the next steep paved part where I think they added that aggregate cement pavement. I had a scratchy throat; it only seems to occur in this area so there must be something out there that irritates it. However, it always passes as I get higher. I continued on the trail until the next hill which I consider the longest. After that I noticed a big drainage area that had gotten much deeper off to the side of the trail.

As I got closer to the top, I was making good time and feelin' good :) I decided to do the steep hill over to the western towers so that I could test my heart on that for the way back as the very steep hills is where my heart gets to pumping out of my chest it seems. At the western towers I noticed the clouds that seemed to be radiating out of the White Tanks so I had to take some pics with my cell phone. I don't think these or the pics of the hang glider will turn out well. I need to learn Chumley's trick to taking awesome cell phone pictures. After finishing my admiration of the sky and then noticing how clear it was I headed back.

I decided to take a pic of the steep hill and then noticed the hang glider and then another setting sail from the west face of the main tower hill. I tried to get pics but the lighting just wasn't the best as the sun was being filtered by the clouds. So now on to the steep hill. I kept waiting for my heart to feel like it was pounding out of my chest but it really never did. I do know I still like looking down so I don't know how much I have left to hike up :sweat: . I also had two good hikes on Sun/Mon so maybe my heart is adjusting a little to the new drug :-k that I hope to get off sooner than later.

The trip down was non-eventful other than there were quite a few more people coming up. A few bike riders were coming and going as well. HAZtraks had somehow paused after I made it to the western towers. I'm thinking I must have hit a wrong button when I was taking my pics as using the cell phone is still a bit awkward for me so I cloned the route for posting.

It's nice that this hike seems a piece of cake these days. I kept waiting for someone to tell me my shirt was on backwards or inside out but no one did. Guess you really couldn't tell unless you looked closely. Note to self :wrt: , check your attire before you leave the house.
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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