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Oracle - AZT #13Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 08 2015
Hiking8.60 Miles 759 AEG
Hiking8.60 Miles   5 Hrs   17 Mns   2.02 mph
759 ft AEG   1 Hour   2 Mns Break
1st trip
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Southbound Tiger Mine to High JinksTracy did a great job getting the first trip report for this hike. Making the Indian dinner with the High Jinks host Dan was a new venture this time but everyone seemed to enjoy it. They were kind and kept the heat down for me; too bad they didn't do as well the next day when we were hiking :lol: .
I texted Wendy our original plan was to head from High Jinks to Tiger Mine TH and after the car tricks, we would probably be to American Flag TH around 10. Well somehow between the nite and breakfast, the car tricks were ditched and they decided we would hike from Tiger Mine TH TO High Jinks. I hadn't paid much attention to the elevation on this one as Kathy said it was rolling hills, much like Passage 14.

I texted Wendy to let her know our change of plans. Well she was on the road thankfully and would be about 45 minutes from meeting us. We thot the change of plans would give her the perfect out if she really didn't want to come as she had been quite busy and it was her mom's birthday. So we picked up some trash below the trailhead area and checked out the area around us. I decided to check KemoSabe and found a text from Wendy telling us to take off and she would catch up. We had no more than started and there she was barreling down the road.

The first 1.5 or so is a road hike so we mozied for a bit, checking out the various sites and the cattle along the way. And then it was down under the bridge where we saw who was tall and who wasn't ;) . The shorter folks really enjoyed that! From there it was up and down and cresting and back down going thru drainages and washes. However, I was soon realizing it was mostly UP, kind of like what the temperature would do all day. I still enjoyed the hiking and it was great to catch up with Wendy. We both lost our mothers recently so it was good to commiserate.

Wendy was a bit surprised at our fast pace as was I. We eventually yelled ahead requesting lunch time as we were approaching a wash that had at least a little bit of shade. Lunch wasn't long; I never feel like lunch gets to settle before we're up and at it again. And then I would rather walk a little slower :stop: for lunch to settle before getting my speed on : rambo : . Yes I know, speed and Angela are kind of an oxymoron but you know what I mean.

From there we continued up and down and around again. The windmill area was a nice distraction as were the horses and their riders. I don't know if Ambika checked out the spring as I did see her climb the ladder. Now that I look at the map, we actually cross FIVE washes including Flag Wash which was the end of Passage 13 for us going south bound. We lingered at the ranch for a short time for the group photo before heading up the hill to the south of American Flag Hill.
The views for much of this hike as you get up on the ridgelines and such are really quite something. We could see San Manuel and of course the long range of the Galiuros including Bassett Peak and in the far distance further north of that the Santa Theresas. Wendy also pointed out the crevices of Keilberg Canyon which kept distracting me.

Awh yes, the last two climbs were yet to come. By this point we were doing our "Lilo" imitation hiking from shade to shade. But we didn't see the need to be in a big hurry as we were less than 1 mile and 1/3rd or so to go. Of course, we had to go up 538 feet but who's counting. The landscape was interesting too. We ended up stopping on a step in the shade of a tree about 1/4 mile from the Ranch to rest our laurels and kibitz a bit; mostly about Lightroom I think and there might have been some AZT talk too as Wendy is now the AZT Volunteer Coordinator and Ambika just got elected to the Board at Saturday's Arizona Trail Annual Meeting. : app : .

1- Tiger Mine TH south on the AZT 13 [ youtube video ] ...
2- continuing on AZT 13 to American Flag Ranch [ youtube video ] ...
3- American Flag to High Jinks Ranch [ youtube video ] ...
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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