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A Day in the Verde Valley, AZ
mini location map2015-05-23
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A Day in the Verde Valley, AZ 
A Day in the Verde Valley, AZ
Birding avatar May 23 2015
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Birding4.00 Miles
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Attended a Wildlife Photography Workshop at Page Springs, Hosted by the Northern Arizona Audubon Society...

I've been wanting to see Page Springs for awhile and the Workshop was Free of Charge, thanks to the Generosity of a Local Photographer. Of course, I left early in case there were some nice Clouds for Sunrise. Sunrise was a Dud, but I spent some Time exploring some Roads that I've never been on along I-17...I believe I was getting into Hansenaz's Territory... :D

Got to Page Springs a little Early and did some Birding beforehand...Attended the Workshop, which also involved a Loop around the whole Complex and saw some pretty cool Birds in there...Of course, like the Weekend before, it was Overcast most of the Day and it got pretty dark at times...Not very Conducive to keeping your Shutter Speed up and your ISO down... :sweat: With my Camera that means everything will be Noisy, but oh well...Always worth a try and I got a few good Shots...After the Workshop was over and everyone left, I did another Lap, took a little more Time and saw a few more Cool Birds not seen previously...

After Page Springs, I spent some more Time in the Cottonwood Area exploring some Places where you can access the Verde River. I thought about doing Dead Horse Ranch State Park, but on a Saturday of a Holiday Weekend? Nah... :sweat:

After I got down Dinking around Cottonwood, I headed for Camp Verde. The White Bridge Area of the Verde River, is a place along the River that I haven't been in about 15 Years, and it seems that it's been Updated to a Recreation Spot, so I thought I would check it out. I also had Sunset in Mind somewhere around to the East of Camp Verde as well...

They've made a lot of Improvements to that Area... :lol: I almost didn't recognize it...Bathrooms, Paved Parking and a Paved Ramp almost to the Water... ;) Spent some time in there. Almost too much Time actually as I was trying to Wait out a Kingfisher. I wasn't going to get very far before Sunset, so I made a Decision to Improvise and pretty much stayed put....After Sunset, it was Pedal to the Medal for Home....

Another Long, but Good Day...I like this Area and I have more Leads on some other Areas to check out too... :D
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At Page Springs Road
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