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Z to A - Zimm BM to Asbestos Point, AZ
mini location map2015-09-26
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Z to A - Zimm BM to Asbestos Point, AZ 
Z to A - Zimm BM to Asbestos Point, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 26 2015
Hiking6.20 Miles 1,841 AEG
Hiking6.20 Miles   5 Hrs   3 Mns   1.29 mph
1,841 ft AEG      15 Mns Break25 LBS Pack
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We spotted a great campsite during our hike up Forest Road 489 two weeks ago and decided to return when the next opportunity arose. And that's exactly what we did, only this time we drove all the way up to the campsite, which provided an awesome wide-screen view of Roosevelt Lake and the surrounding area.
We left Mesa early enough to set up camp and be on the trail by shortly after 9 am. Our first objective was Zimmerman Point, which is a small peak we had to cross to get to Zimm Benchmark. The high point on Zimmerman Point provided but a narrow window for a viewpoint so I only took a moment for a couple photos and we began the steeper climb to Zimm Benchmark.
NOTE: Zimmerman Point (6128) and Zimm Benchmark (6871) are NOT one-and-the-same.
(Check the map)

On the way up we followed relatively fresh game trails as much as possible and ended up crossing a fence back-and-forth twice before reaching the summit. The summit itself is pretty flat so the panorama photos and video see more vegetation than scenic views so we wandered around a bit before continuing northward along the up-and-down ridge toward Peak 6936.

Every once we would reach an opening in the vegetation which provided some spectacular views. The down-side to this route was thickets of holly and manzanita. A few times the game trails brought us to what appeared to be dead-ends but were simply areas where we had to seek a small gap and go-with-the-flow. Which meant it was pretty much one-way and we would have to follow a different route on the return leg.

With vegetation so thick there wasn't much point in taking photos on Peak 6936 and we were soon heading back toward Zimm Benchmark. Initially we followed a game trail which slowly ascended as it counter-clockwise wound around Zimm Benchmark but as it brought us toward cliffs we left it and climbed more directly back up. Once we were near our original track we decided NOT to cross the fence and stay north of it, which turned out to be a very wise choice.

Back at the end of FR489 we took a side-trip east where where a mine used to be was but appears to have been covered up. But it provided a nice view of Zimm Benchmark from the southwest.
Now it's time to head west past our campsite and on to Asbestos Point along a wide counter-clockwise hook route. This part was easy enough as it simply meant following a well-defined mining road until it stopped then follow the well-defined trail to the summit.

Since it wasn't noted on the FS Topo map that it was a a bench-marked peak, we were a bit surprised not only to find a USGS Benchmark but a USDA Forest Service Mark as well. We wandered around a bit attempting to locate the Reference Marks but found none.

On the return leg we took an old side road that led as suspected, to another large mining site, which much to our dismay had been filled in long ago. But it did provide some great views toward the north and east. From there it was a short jaunt back to our campsite where we relaxed while taking in the great views southward. And as the wind calmed it was like we were in our own world... but not a sound, not even a bird, fly or bee was to be heard. So quiet one can hear your heart beat in your ears. Awesome!
Two videos:
Zimm Benchmark Summit Panorama
Asbestos Point Summit Panorama
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