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Peak 3820 - Teapot Mountain Quad, AZ
mini location map2015-10-09
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Peak 3820 - Teapot Mountain Quad, AZ 
Peak 3820 - Teapot Mountain Quad, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 09 2015
Hiking2.11 Miles 1,161 AEG
Hiking2.11 Miles   1 Hour   45 Mns   1.27 mph
1,161 ft AEG      5 Mns Break25 LBS Pack
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For what would end up being the last of three peaks today I decided on Peak 3820 just above Wood Canyon, which should be out of hearing range from SR 177. And that it was... the only sounds would be from the wind, which again was so high at times I had to cover my ears. But at least it was a natural sound.

Although I had mapped a wide 'easy' arc before heading straight up the northwestern slope of Peak 3820, it soon became obvious I'd be better off skipping the arc and just heading up at about a halfway point to the top. This would be one of those times I got extremely lucky in more than one way.

First when I reached what turned out to be a very solid fence line there was a boulder right next to a thick pole, which provided me with a quick and easy fence crossing. Then almost right at the fence, I found a well-beaten game trail which would lead me all the way up to the ridge. I made sure to mark a waypoint for where the trail met the ridge as well as the boulder at the fence.

Although the temperature was warming up, the humidity was dropping so this hike felt cooler and easier than the first two. And surprisingly enough I seemed to have more energy as well, even with nothing but one PB&J sandwich and fluids since breakfast some seven hours previously.

Great views at the summit and especially looking down the 800' cliff over Wood Canyon. I didn't stay more than a minute looking down as the by now very high winds were threatening to blow me over. That may not have been bad if I had a Rocky-the-Flying-Squirrel suit, but I don't own one and never will.

One the return leg, once I crossed the fence I made a bee-line for the Jeep... and that it was. it is the straightest GPS tracks I've ever seen for an off-trail hike. Only two small deviations, both for masses of prickly-pear.

Overall it was a pretty uneventful but gorgeous day (84° was the high) and I only gathered a couple wounds on each of the three hikes. If I continue hiking in this area I will be wearing my leather chaps for the extra protection.

Of course the worst wound would not have been avoided with chaps... tripping on a dead Century Plant stalk and falling onto a small agave plant which stuck four separate points into my right thumb and middle finger. The one into the knuckle of the third finger had hit the bone.
I guess the one good thing about an agave is the fibers hold it together so well that all four points came back out the moment I pulled my hand back. I did that mighty quickly I may add!

This hike reminded me it's time to do another Wood Canyon to White Canyon Wilderness hike real soon.

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Peak 3820 summit panorama
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