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Carr Peak Ridge - Sierra Ancha, AZ
mini location map2015-09-12
17 by photographer avatarCannondaleKid
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Carr Peak Ridge - Sierra Ancha, AZ 
Carr Peak Ridge - Sierra Ancha, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 12 2015
Hiking7.60 Miles 1,867 AEG
Hiking7.60 Miles   5 Hrs   15 Mns   1.55 mph
1,867 ft AEG      20 Mns Break20 LBS Pack
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For day two of our three-day Sierra Ancha camping trip we decided to follow a route we used last year along the ridge south of Carr Peak, except this time continue all the way to the end before looping back. We hoped for some great views but due to the thick vegetation (mainly pine trees) and very few outcrops we were a bit disappointed.

But no matter, the weather was nice with 53° in the morning rising to 75° at the end of the hike. Even though it was a bit humid it was great just to be out in the clean air.

No drama today... all the rattlesnake sightings for the weekend happened yesterday. ](*,)

OH WAIT! All the drama took place while in the tent overnight. Here we were, sleeping peacefully... and I woke with a sense something wasn't quite right. So without moving a muscle, I listened as carefully as I could with all the crickets and such making a racket. But the more I thought about I realized the critters in the vicinity of our tent.
And then I heard a quiet trudging of a bi-pedal animal, namely human. I say that because the foot-falls had the sound of leather boots along with an almost silent swish of pants with each step. I heard about a dozen steps toward our tent from the far side of the Jeep until they stopped at what I figured would be the other side of the fire-ring.
After hearing absolutely NOTHING for what seemed like an hour, I ever-so-slowly leaned up far enough to see through the screen what was out there. And the moment I did that, I heard a swish as though whatever/whoever it was turned slightly, whether to look directly at me or provide a narrow silhouette to my line-of-sight, I have no idea, but then there was absolute silence again...
This time it truly felt like an hour but of course was probably only a few minutes as it felt like a stare-down, although in the midst of the pines I couldn't see ANYTHING. Which got me to thinking... if this IS a human, it must be using some form of night-vision, because to move that far across the campsite yet miss all the various hazards of rocks and tree roots... well I certainly could not.

Finally I decided to pick up my sun-in-the-eyes flashlight (which was within a few inches of my hand) and shine it through the screen and see who/what was still there. And at that very moment, from the opposite side of our tent here comes some relatively small animal prancing up to the tent and start scratching at it. When it sounded like it was about to rip the tent I grabbed the flashlight to shine that direction but the flashlight wouldn't come on... first, I hit the wrong switch... ](*,)
Inside its holster it's almost impossible to know which of 2 buttons is the on-switch, so I had to pull it out and by time I got it on here comes a SKUNK around the corner of the tent. And all I saw was this white upside-down U-shaped fan of its tail as it trundled off to dig up grubs. (Of which I will accidentally dig up a few when going to answer the call of nature)
And of course, through all this, not only did Tracey not know any of it until I said SKUNK, but it the commotion, whatever/whoever was standing there was now gone. But it did make for a fitful night of unrest.
And I still wonder what or who it was. Hey, maybe next time maybe I'll bring along one of them firearms and try some of that there recon-by-fire. Whadda'ya think, huh? :gun:
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