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Bisti Badlands, NM
mini location map2015-09-25
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Bisti Badlands, NM 
Bisti Badlands, NM
Hiking avatar Sep 25 2015
Hiking8.32 Miles 382 AEG
Hiking8.32 Miles   7 Hrs   59 Mns   1.82 mph
382 ft AEG   3 Hrs   24 Mns Break
1st trip
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sponsored by Arizona Backpacking Club we drove up Friday nite and camped just up the road from the Parking area arriving around 9 I think. This would be a car camp - hiking weekend. AND it was a lunar eclipse.
I had done tons of research on the internet; there was much more available then when Wendy did this trip in 2009 so I was able to download some various routes and find points of interest. But the best article I found was here: http://www.jayarcherda... Having read that I appreciated and understood much better what I was walking through. It made this whole experience much more meaningful. There are a couple pictures on the site that show you what the area looked like way back when
it was at the western shores of the North American Inland Sea which was thick with strange and swampy conifer forests.
He continues to say:
In recent history, geologically speaking, a fragment of these layers were exposed by erosion in the now desert environ of the Bisti and De-Na-Zin wilderness area. Aside from amazing rock hound oddities including geodes and fossils throughout the area, many conifers now lay exposed as entire petrified trees trunks laid out for us to see, some as much as 100 feet in length.

I had seen pics from others that had been here before and was immediately intrigued and NOW I was actually here. We started out from the gate just north of the parking lot and hiked thru the wash toward the south and east. The colorful topography is all around you the entire time you are out here. We really didn't have a goal in mind but eventually ended up on top of the dried mud hills and over to what we dubbed the HooDoo Nursery. We goofed around here for awhile and then Wendy spotted a bone so we made our way toward what would be some cow bones.

We next decided to head back down into the wash but that was not as easy as one would think. We had to backtrack a couple times and eventually found a cow path through the red hills down to the wash. We took a break here before heading further east to find the petrified wood among the hoodoos and the Cracked Eggs which really are special. If you go to my route and the satellite view, you can see exactly where they are.

We eventually hooked back up with one of the two other hikers we had started out with and stopped at the remnants of a very large petrified tree. We tried to imagine it's height with one of us at each end of the petrified debris. Next we headed around a corner and found some shade to enjoy while we had a quick snack before heading over to the Hawk's Nest and Red Queen (named for a chess piece). We actually would see another Hawk's Nest before going thru an area where the hoodoo tops (lids) appeared to have slammed into the ground at an angle thereby inspiring a movie and a song for us. HooDoos, The Movie: It will rock your world :D. (see part 6 of the video about the 2:45 mark).

Our next goal was to find a place with some shade for lunch. Well in Hoodoo Land, that's a difficult task but we found a sliver. We later continued in a wash area with our next POI being the Window. We arrived and took some pictures with Gene and Wendy at the window. Getting down from there on the other side, however, was a bit more challenging. As we came down we looked back and saw another window so that was cool. There was another Hoodoo field off to our right. We ascended a couple hills to see and Wendy went to the top and decided it was not worth the venture.

We continued back toward the parking lot past Diane (a named multi-colored tall hill by someone) when all of a sudden I fell. Wendy was going to laugh as this is like the flatest/least obstructed area a person can walk. As I got myself into a sitting position I looked to see what had caused my fall and it was some long thick nail heads that were sticking out of the ground :o . What an odd thing to be stuck in the wilderness ground. (We would actually see more of them the next evening over by the Arch). My hand hurt pretty bad. We kept walking toward another hill and found some shade where we rested for a bit. Wendy had taken a Wilderness course a couple months back so she wrapped up my hand as every time I moved it, I was in pain. The wrapping made a huge difference as now my hand didn't hurt to move and the next day when I took it off, my hand had very little pain.

We arrived back at camp where it was a bit warm but the other hikers had put up a tarp so we hung there until the shade from the hill was sufficient. We had a drunken Indian on his horse and his dogs drop by camp looking for water and beer. We were able to give him the water after he barreled straight down this dried mud hill behind us. So that was some excitement to finish off our evening. Tomorrow we would head for De Nah and then head back into Bisti for a late afternoon/lunar moon hike. Wendy said there were a lot more people out here this time. I do think the lunar eclipse was somewhat responsible for that.

Unfortunately, my camera lens had some spots on it leftover from the Yellowstone trip, apparently from the geysers so when the sun hit at a certain way, you'll see the spots. There was always a bit of a breeze so I had to fight the sound on the video altho I tried to lower the volume through a lot of the wind.

Bisti Badlands, New Mexico - Part 1 of 7 - ... T2wU
Part 2 toward the HooDoo Nursery - ... Hc6A
Part 3 Surprisingly we encounter difficulty in trying to get back to the wash - ... _0CI
Cracked Eggs to Petrified Wood, Part 4 - ... WyOk
Part 5 large petrified tree, Hawk's Nest, Red Queen - ... omhw
Part 6 Red Queen, HooDoos, Wash - ... _Jmk
The End, the windows - ... JPck

Day 2: Lunar Eclipse afternoon Video and Pictures (didn't use youtube stabilizer - feel free to let me know what you think)
Part 1 ... 3E4A
Part 2 ... xz0c
Part 3 to the Arch, cracked eggs ... -YBQ
Part 4 Lunar Eclipse ... Tl30
Throwing a Wendy
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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