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Palmer Mine Big Loop, AZ
mini location map2015-10-11
45 by photographer avatartibber
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Palmer Mine Big Loop, AZ 
Palmer Mine Big Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 11 2015
Hiking4.50 Miles 715 AEG
Hiking4.50 Miles   2 Hrs   18 Mns   2.45 mph
715 ft AEG      28 Mns Break
1st trip
Day 2, Hike 2 of the TibberFest/60th Birthday Bash. 13 of us would be hiking this Loop, well part of us anyway as some would go back from Palmer Mine to go up Siphon Draw. I can't tell you how much this made me :D smile to have so many people to hike with that I've hiked with over my short time hiking. I am one lucky hiker.

Larry had the route, Larry got nominated trip leader. He got us to the mine but was a little nervous about herding 12 cats. I can't remember what my niece asked Larry but his response was, "I usually hike alone." :lol: Oh well, not today. We headed up the trail from the Main Campground via the Mining Camp restaurant trail, merged with Siphon Draw and then turned at the trail that goes to the left after the Crosscut.

It was a bit warm and we were anxiously hoping to get to the shade of the mine. We could have gone on Jacob's to Prospector to get to the shade earlier but that was a steeper climb. The mine adit has a lot more overgrowth then when I was here last with Ambika. The mine has a great history though and I forwarded that to the non-HAZers so it will hopefully make it more memorable for them (I'll test them the next time I see them ;) ). We goofed around here and enjoyed the shade a bit before continuing on via some dips to the Prospector Trail intersection. We had the option to take it back down or continue on for a larger loop. It was no-contest as everyone opted for the bigger loop (it was a matter of time out on the trail for those that had later plans).

So the nine of us continued, visited for a moment at the Treasure Loop intersection and headed on down to the Jacob's Crosscut. Most folks had not done this trail or this hike so it was new and a nice way to start a Sunday. Larry and I lingered behind as the others picked up the pace.

Back at the campground, folks finished packing up and went their separate ways. It was nice of my brother to bring out Snowball as it came in handy for storage and late afternoon shade. Others brot food or wood or charcoal and it all worked out very well. It is a very nice campground and having the food truck come out for Saturday's meal worked perfectly. To finish off the weekend, we stopped at the Mammoth Steakhouse for lunch (great skins and wings; lucky for me Ambika gives me the leftovers to take home) with Wade & Mary Jo and Wendy & Ambika.

Thursday, Chumley got a few of us together (for those who couldn't make the weekend bash due to a backpack trip at Powers Garden) to celebrate the real 60th at the AZ Wilderness Brewery so that was a nice way to cap off my second 30th Birthday. As I've told others, I actually think I wouldn't mind turning 60 all over again cuz this was way too much fun :y: !

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For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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