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Auger Canyon FallsAlpine, AZ
Alpine, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 03 2015
Hiking4.01 Miles 413 AEG
Hiking4.01 Miles   1 Hour   46 Mns   2.43 mph
413 ft AEG      7 Mns Break
1st trip
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Almost forgot to post this one: The next morning, after some discussion and finishing off Mary Jo's quiche and Kelly's bacon, we finally came up with a plan. Kelly and I would hike close by before we all cleaned the cabin and started our drive home. With not a single cloud in the sky​, Wade dropped us at the TH. As he was driving off, HAZel was not cooperating at all. I said to Kelly, "we are in trouble if she doesn't wake up" as we had no map and no write-up about this more-or-less-no-trail hike. Fortunately, HAZel came to :) and though we walked back and forth a couple times to get oriented with the route the right way, we finally figured it out and went down toward the creek.

You follow the fence line for a bit before you cross the creek and for most of this hike, there are faint game trails; as long as you follow the right one :-k and that's why you more or less need a track. However, if you stay close to the creek you really can't get too lost but you can get bogged down (see later why). We continued following the trail in the open forest that seems to have been a road at one time. There are several points that have logs and fallen tree debris stretched across to stop the ATVs from making their way around here.

We passed by what we thot was the waypoint for a camping spot not knowing that what looked like a tent for a waypoint icon was really flippers :o . We did veer over toward the creek a little later only to get bogged down in this very wet meadow. After less than 5 minutes of that, we decided to get out of it and stay a little higher. We did end up crossing the creek before crossing back over and hooking up with another game trail through the open forest. At just about the 2 mile mark it was time to cross back on what like seemed to be a bit of a road. The turn around point is pretty much where the burn area starts. And that is when we realized, we totally missed the Falls as we looked up and down the creek area here to no avail. SHEESH! That's when we realized the waypoint was the Falls :-$ .

We hiked up this really rough old road tread that was growing in with grass toward the mountain. It's a bit of an "up" here though gradual. It seems like you swing really wide until the loop takes you north to the nice FR. We kept on eye on HAZel so that we could make our cross-country bid toward the Falls. And guess what, there is actually another trail :) coming off the road for a bit that takes you in the direction of the Falls. You can start to hear the Falls and then veer left to the creek and Voila, there they are. I remembered that the picture Rick had as the feature photo looked like it had been taken from the bottom of the Falls so Kelly found us a way to get down there.

So we played around a bit before heading back to the road where we finished off our hike at exactly 4 miles. We then had Wade drive up to the corner so he could make the short hike to the Falls too. Interestingly, the road drive is much dippier than walking as we hardly noticed any roughness in the FR.

Back to the house we went, did the last bit of cleaning and closing up operation before our drive back to the Valley of the Sun. We stopped at Christopher Creek for a great lunch; good idea Wade. Thx to Wade and Mary Jo for driving. We all had a great time and look forward to our next adventure.

Part 1 to the back of the loop:
Part 2 finishing off the loop with a trip to the Falls
Named place
Named place
Gobbler Peak Noble Mountain
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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