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Siphon Draw with Saddle from LDSP, AZ
mini location map2015-10-10
43 by photographer avatartibber
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Siphon Draw with Saddle from LDSP, AZ 
Siphon Draw with Saddle from LDSP, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 10 2015
Hiking4.81 Miles 1,819 AEG
Hiking4.81 Miles   4 Hrs   18 Mns   1.79 mph
1,819 ft AEG   1 Hour   37 Mns Break
1st trip
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Wanted to do a fun hike for the first day of TibberFest or my 60th (second 30th) Birthday Bash so this was it. Others could opt to do the Flatiron as well. You could go as far or as little as you liked. So eight of us who had camped started out and Barrett would catch us part way up. Kelly went over and did Black Top Mesa.

It was a little humid but the sun would go behind the clouds from time to time so it wasn't too bad. It's been since July 31st that I've done a decent hike with elevation so I struggled a bit. Even though I work out and do little hikes, it's not enough for the bigger hikes so it's kind of frustrating. The group or portions of the group seemed to stop quite a bit so that was nice as it gave me a chance to catch up and get pictures.

What I love about this hike is the anticipation of finally being able to see the Basin; today was no exception. Larry and Clyde and Eva had never done this hike before. In fact, it was their first time in the Superstitions for Clyde and Eva and Larry's first time on the Western side. We hung out at the Basin for a bit as we watched a hiker who seemed to be looking at his phone and going straight down the steep part of the Basin :o (from the angle in front of us - Mary Jo and I were astounded. I would later attempt his same route without texting and did fine though not as fast) and then pulled out his extra long poles at the bottom to pick up speed. (We actually think we saw him the following day on the way up alongside the Mining Camp restaurant path).

And then it was time to head up and up altho we stopped to go behind this area I went in 2004 where there is a big hole in the rocks. There is a fire pit there now and also a couple trails. We would use the one going down on the way back; it's less slippery and less traffic.

The rest got ahead of us and Mary Jo and I meandered the rest of the way up to join the others at the saddle were we visited for awhile. Barrett, Lori and Larry (who originally was only going so far - reminds me of someone else I know... Mary Jo at Baldy this summer) headed on up to the Flatiron while we headed over to the Photobooth, a trail to the right (southish) of the saddle. We hung out at the Booth and took some pics; explored a little past there and then headed back down.

We got down rather quickly and by now the sun was deciding to stay out. As we hit the intersection with Jacob's Crosscut Wade did a virtual geocache before making our way to lunch at the Mining Camp Restaurant. I had called Jack a few moments before so that he could meet us there. As we made our way to the lot we saw Linda and Rich too and Clyde and Eva and Wayne. We walked in and they found us a corner room that fit our group perfectly. Barrett came a little later to tell us that Larry and Lori had decided to linger at the top... so that Larry went all the way. Whoo Hoo! :app: I'm sure Barrett was glad to finally get to the top as well since we had lolly-gagged so much I'm sure he was wondering. We didn't know he was on a time schedule. Anyway, glad he got it done! :app:

Later that afternoon there would be a helicopter rescue. Larry and Lori had not returned yet so we were rather nervous. I eventually thot to email Lori (I didn't have her phone number at the time) and Kelly would eventually get Larry's phone number so we sent our respective messages. People had started to gather for dinner so it provided a great deal of excitement except that we got more worried as time passed altho I thot maybe Lori would be assisting since she was with SAR. Lori's friend, we would learn, however, was enroute to assist. Soon Lori and Larry came toward camp and we were all quite elated and they were surprised about the greeting they received from many of us. Hugs all around. (One of the other people that drove in said that the rescue involved a couple girls who got cliffed out or apparently got off trail and panicked. (this is only hearsay)

And now, it was time for a beer and/or some sangria and the taco truck would arrive shortly to feed us all. The food truck driver/server was quite impressed by the digs here as he jumped out to take pictures of the Superstitions and even turned the truck so that he could have it in the picture. We finished off the nite with a presentation by Dr. Sky and his laser show of stars and galaxys including the Andormeda Galaxy thru the telescope.

Part 1 of hike: ... 2iME
Part 2 of hike: ... q8oM
Helicopter Rescue movies and pictures: ... v-Kw
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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