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Robber's Roost - North Rim Grand Canyon, AZ
mini location map2016-07-30
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Robber's Roost - North Rim Grand Canyon, AZ 
Robber's Roost - North Rim Grand Canyon, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 30 2016
Hiking3.50 Miles
Hiking3.50 Miles
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Old "spring" in the Kaibab Limestone was "piped" and directed into a large tree that was gouged out and made into a trough.

This is a popular "newbie" hike for north rim employees...I'd never been and we were having a "lazy day" so our buddy Robert took us out there.

There is a bat monitoring station near the spring.
We opted to exit the spring "valley" to the North and meet up with a side drainage to the west then head south back to The Basin and Pt Sublime road.

I spotted a strange coyote
Jamie quickly spotted a HUGE bull Bison!

Within minutes the rest of the bison popped out into view about 15 of them all hanging out in the thick forested area!!
So cool to see.
After a Moment of mutual staring the bison bull bellowed and told his herd to move, FAST down the hill into the drainage we were gonna take.

We backtracked to avoid disturbing the beef-a-lison again.
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