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Indian Hollow Esplanade Tom Foolery, AZ
mini location map2017-11-22
5 by photographer avatarHippy
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Indian Hollow Esplanade Tom Foolery, AZ 
Indian Hollow Esplanade Tom Foolery, AZ
Backpack avatar Nov 22 2017
Backpack33.00 Miles 3,330 AEG
Backpack33.00 Miles5 Days         
3,330 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Spent 5 days out in GC on what turned out to be some sort of archeologists paradise.

Parked my vehicle at Indian Hollow Campground, the 3 of us (me, Jamie and our good friend Dennis Foster) rode in Dennis's truck to Jumpup-Naile Trail which is just before Sowats Point but reached on the same road.

Late noon:30 start. Down the trail in 45mins that trail is steep and loose pebbly stuff the whole way down, it's a coconino break what do you expect.

Shade break under the cottonwood there, located the pack horse trail heading south, also running water within 5mins of the cottonwoods.

About 7 miles from the car to first camp, we stayed in this camp 3 nights!

Day 2, 5-6 mils exploring...Hiked to two different springs in the area and explore 4 native American arch sites as well as 3+ pioneer historic sites.
What an area! (Yeah, being vague on purpose, deal with it)

Day 3, 8 miles total across Esplanade to Racetrack Knoll, summit, then back. This made my 21st Grand Canyon summit. Back to camp.

Day 4 (6 or 7mi) up and over Fishtail Mesa saddle, unfortunately did not take time to summit Fishtail Mesa :( good thing too, reaching camp that night was interesting. We went up and over the saddle from the NW side, down The East facing side to the Esplanade...then it got HOT. The guys carried 6-8 liters of water, I had 5.5 myself and when we reached camp that night we have 2 liters total between us all... whaaaaaat?? How do three humans even drink that much!!

Anyway, hit the Esplanade headed east toward Fishtail Canyon and set up camp under the "pancake rock". It was 3pm.i pitched our tent Because the men decided to head down to grab water from a spring that was situated 1500ft below us... "150ft above the Redwall" it's 3:20pm when we left...barely hour and half if sunlight :lol:
We reached the spring right as last tiny bit of dusky light was waning. I led the way up the insane route back to the Esplanade.

This spring has some seriously awesome historic trail construction, crazy routed Cairns, a wee mite bit of exposure, it took 2hrs to get to it and an hour and 45mins to get back (in the dark). Finding the exact route down was generally quite fun!
If you're ever in the Fishtail Canyon area hit me up and I'll help ya solve this jigsaw puzzle of a water source.

12 liters of water hiked out that fun route with us. We got to camp and went to bed the latest night of the trip! 9pm in the bags! Record setting.

Next morning (day 5) we explored more arch and History sites in the area including a stunning panel out near Cranberry Canyon, whoo!

Headed east on Esplanade again to the bottom of Yee Ole Thunder River Trail. That thing was hard to find from a west approach. Much easier to access from the east. The break through the coconino is obvious from any angle in that area so head for that and you'll find the trail tucked away in two very tiny "ravines" it goes up up up quickly and in the heat it would be brutal. I think it's 2 miles? From Esplanade to Rim. have to double check that. We were out around 1pm shuytled my car back to sowats, Dennis took his truck we all meet up at Big Saddle Camp where Jamie and I had to check on a few things. We then explored the uppermost part of the Crazy Jug Route aka Big Saddle Route ala The Cowboy Trail (you'll hear more on this route in May 2018 from me)

Early dinner at Jacob lake...just kidding it was packed! We grabbed some munchies and all headed our ways. Dennis back to flagstaff, Jamie and I got a hotel in Kanab and visited the north rim next day to see friends.
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