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Old Bright Angel Trail
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mini location map2017-07-29
8 by photographer avatarHippy
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Old Bright Angel TrailNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 29 2017
Hiking13.50 Miles 4,100 AEG
Hiking13.50 Miles   10 Hrs      1.35 mph
4,100 ft AEG
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1st trip
Partners none no partners
Day hike with 5 great Canyon hiker companions, Jamie Compos, Doug Nering, Erik Baldwin, Frank Feagans and Adrian Jantzi. (Somehow they all managed to keep up with me ;) :lol: )

Started on "the old road" that heads down the small drainage that leads to Kendrick Trail's Ice Box Meadow. This old road can be found at the junction of the Point Imperial and Cape Royal turnoffs. (Check a map)

We then followed Kendrick just about a mile to the Old BA Trailhead.

Lots or fresh lion sign and scat on Kendrick and multiple more signal below along OBA

The top 50ft of Old BA are Probably the most "difficult" part of the old trail.
There is however a switch back at the very top (on the rim) hidden by gambel oak...if you can find that hidden switchback you can easily follow it along a gentle slope for that "difficult 50ft".

We didn't so we slipped and slid and hooted and hollered for 50ft until the next incredibly obvious section of trail.

From there on out it was smooth sailing all the way to Roaring Springs!
The sign says 7 miles... we're not sure it's that much but hey, that's what the sign says ;)
We were guessing maybe 5.5 miles at the most it was a long steep route but definitely not 7mi...or is it?!?

The Redwall rim has a sweet clear "stream" in it right now and we enjoyed cooling off in that by splashing like children from the edge..

The Redwall rim traverse was my favorite part, very very easy to follow (I'll post pics of that later) but absolutely gorgeous views, wonderful day and such great company!

Sneaking through the Muave was fun and led us to a "secret stream" I heard some folks call it Emmett Creek?
Any HAZzers ever heard of that?

Winding out along the east wall in Muave ls and BA Shalethe power lines came into view and the dull roar of roaring Springs was finally clear.

We leapt across Tapeats ledges to get to a large sunny flat of Tapeats for lunch break and water fun. We then headed to the pumphouse where Jamie presented the 12 beers he'd stashed in his pack early that morning.

It wasn't until the Redwall along North Kaibab Trail that we pulled out the 32oz Refuge IPA and celebrated the day properly!

From the pumphouse was saw deer at Roaring Springs and danced on the helipad and got nauseated by the chlorine gas from the filtration station we were near.
After beers we crawled up a slope (not the trail of course) and somehow managed to reach NK trail and up up we went.

Ended the day with pizza and beer and wine at the North Rim Employee Pub.
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