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Hack Canyon
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mini location map2018-01-16
9 by photographer avatarHippy
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Hack CanyonNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 16 2018
Hiking14.00 Miles
Hiking14.00 Miles   4 Hrs      3.50 mph
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Lower hack Cyn trailhead via Hack Canyon road was easy access for the area we wanted to place our food caches.
The road had a few "fun moments" only twice did I have to kick my boyfriend out of the passenger seat giving me less worry as I proceeded to roll over rocks that were much larger than the clearance allotted by my Hyundai Santa Fe (similar to a Subaru Forester).

On the drive out I absolutely bottomed out on the very last obstacle (or first, if you're heading in from sunshine road). I was able to back up and realign my tires to use those large rocks as steps. I'll probably need new tires this summer but I didn't burn rubber or anything exciting.
My Hyundai has definitely been on worse roads this side of the Colorado River :lol:

Recommend high clearance, AWD or 4WD, a passenger car wouldn't make it very far, but if you try it please let me know how far you got!

My Hyundai was able to make it to the lower trailhead (the upper TH might be doable for a low riding passenger car!! Try it out let me know :lol: )

Accidentally camped Monday night 200ft from Hack Canyon mine due to dim headlights and creekbottom plus I was exhausted from driving...they use to mine copper then Uranium, yay. Let's stop those mines yeah?
Drove last 3 or so miles to the TH at sunrise amidst the throng of cattle...

6.7 mile hike down Hack Cyn one way, very gradual, easy jaunt down and back.

On the way down we carried 5 days worth of food, a five gallon homer bucket each as well as 1 gallon of water each and what was supposed to be an additional 2L for the hike.

The days worth of food, buckets and gallons of h20 were stashed above Kanab Creek somewhere up Lawson canyon. That'll be out resupply about halfway through a 3 week trip coming up this April.

I made sure to stash gummy bears and whiskey in my cache!! hehehe

The hike itself was straightforward, follow the cow paths down the creekbed and try not to step in the pies.

Willow Spring was listed as a water source somewhere online...just don't.
Check my photos for a lovely shot of what we're calling Feces Fountain. Nasty!

Hack makes easy access to Chamberlain Canyon, Kanab Creek off course, Lawson Canyon and JumpUp, it's also pretty easy albeit a haul down to the Colorado River (not a dayhike).

Hack as a dayhike would be great for families, kids etc.

There is also an "upper Trailhead" that requires a bit of ledge hopping and possibly some scrambling until you reach Feces Fountain, I mean Willow Springs. From there it's all a walk.
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