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Trans Supes hike, AZ
mini location map2007-11-02
20 by photographer avatarDarthStiller
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Trans Supes hike, AZ 
Trans Supes hike, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 02 2007
Hiking25.00 Miles 5,100 AEG
Hiking25.00 Miles
5,100 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Just got back last night from doing the first half of this trip, that was enough for me. Day One we started at Miles Ranch TH and hiked West Pinto, Campaign, Fireline to Reavis Ranch. Myself, Wally, Nonot, Agendron and desert tarheel made the side trip to Circlestone. my GPS counted 11.2 miles for the first day and 3300' AEG. Circlestone was very interesting and the views up there were some of the best I've seen in the Supes. Four Peaks, Two Bar Mtn, and even Lost Dutchman state park were prominent.

Day Two was 13.8 miles and 1800' AEG. Myself, Wally, Agendron and Hoffmaster went north and took Frog Tanks Trail to Angel Basin. For all the bad things I heard about this trail, it really wasn't nearly as bad as billed. The catclaw is there but hardly is thick enough that you can't avoid it. The trail is very easy to follow throughout and the majority of the hike is downhill into the canyon. The views throughout were also very good. Even when you into the canyon, looking up the adjacent canyon and the huge hoodoo-like rock formations were very nice. The last 1.5 miles were rough, with a lot of crossing the creek and river rock, and alot of up and down hikng on either side. At the end of it I was ready to move on, but this trail is very much worth doing.

Wally was the first one out to Angel Basin at 2:30pm and the rest of the group had been and gone, leaving us a note. He went on a caught up to them so that Kurt could get his beer from my truck, as I was the slowest hiker and wouldn't make there before they would want to leave in order to have enough daylight to get to Reeds Water. I gave Wally my keys to facilitate this. Hoffmaster and Agendron went down Fish Creek to get water as Agendron was running low. they both overtook me by the time we got to Angel Basin and made their way up to Tortilla Pass. When I got to Tortilla Pass, they were both there waiting for me and asked if they could have the extra water in my truck and were thinking they would spend the nite at Woodbury. they then proceeded down to Woodbury. I got in radio contact with Wally and found that he had caught up with the group and arrived at Woodbury. they had all decided to spend the night there and divy up the water, including all the melted ice for Kurt's beer. Mike (I think) left a bright red note tied to a century plant across a wash crossing announcing: "ALERT! Everyone proceed to Woodbury TH. Change in plan. EVERYONE." I ran out of daylight before reaching Woodbury and ended up losing the trail by the windmill area. I was able to follow my GPS to get me going in the right direction without wandering aimlessly, but I couldnt see too far and kept running into brush, prickly pears, cholla, washes and ravines, etc. Wally had his radio turned off but finally decided to turn it on. I asked him to go to the top of the hill with his lamp so I could use it as a beacon. After a few more minutes, I found the jeep road and was at woodbury, done for the day. everyone was set up for camp, eating, resting, and having some beers. I ran out of water halfway down the JF Trail from Tortilla Pass and took one my 32oz propels I put in my cooler. I handed out the other one and 3 extra cokes to everyone. Afterwards Wally and I proceeded to Jack in the Box to replenish.

The group is planning to proceed to Reeds Water today for water and then camp at LaBarge Spring. Wally will hike into there from First Water today and finish the hike with them after spending a night in civilization. Me, I'm done. I'm still limping with blisters on my feet and eating ibuprofens like candy. Great time, but I'm glad I'm done.
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