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Reavis Gap - Campaign - Fireline Loop, AZ
mini location map2016-11-12
5 by photographer avatarnathanbrisk
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Reavis Gap - Campaign - Fireline Loop, AZ 
Reavis Gap - Campaign - Fireline Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 12 2016
Hiking15.07 Miles 3,398 AEG
Hiking15.07 Miles   7 Hrs   2 Mns   2.27 mph
3,398 ft AEG      24 Mns Break6 LBS Pack
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1st trip
This . . . this was a hike.

We started up the Reavis Gap out of Reavis Ranch in the late morning and made our way out of the valley. Then we descended to the junction with Campaign and took a little break. I couldn't keep up with Todd and Linda much further after this point, so they moved on. I took a break to get some water from a standing pool . . . was kicking myself for not bringing water treatment or filtration supplies. I downed a liter of creek water--hoping the giardia nasties won't be making residence with me anyhow :scared: There were plenty of clear pools along the Campaign. Following the Campaign--however--was a bit difficult. I think God was watching my back (and perhaps Saint Chumley of Dickarrow, too) because I didn't ever lose the trail though I certainly felt like I did at points. It doesn't seem Campaign gets too much play--people must be tired of such things this election season :lol:

I junctioned with the Fireline and began the steep 2 mile ascent. Let me tell ya--it was slow-going. After reaching the high point, it was smooth sailing from there. You then junction with the Reavis Ranch trail. I was pleased to get back to camp only an hour after the speed hikers, and I was greeted with some fresh, wild apples at Reavis Ranch. They're great!
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