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Angel Basin Reavis Ranch Loop, AZ
mini location map2017-01-13
4 by photographer avatarThoreau
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Angel Basin Reavis Ranch Loop, AZ 
Angel Basin Reavis Ranch Loop, AZ
Backpack avatar Jan 13 2017
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Backpack23.92 Miles3 Days         
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Wet. Very very wet.

Day 1 on Friday was nice and uneventful for the short hike in to camp at Angel Basin. No rain seemed near (save for some distant thunder) all day/night. The next morning started out about the same and didn't go sideways with weather until we were coming up the neverending crawl towards Plow Saddle. The skies opened up, lightning and thunder way closer than would be considered safe, and winds picked up. Without much option, we pushed on and near the top the weather calmed and we got to see some nice sunshine and views before the last saddle prior to Reavis 109.

Not long after hitting that mudslide of a trail, it started raining again, and by the time we got to the intersection where 117 spurs off to the East, it was a pretty solid rain and we had to pick the first usable campsite we could find. About the moment we did, the rain picked up and sustained for hours. Of course, it finally died down around maybe 8 or 9pm, and was gone all night. The second we woke up at 7am it started back up and made for lotsa fun trying to get ready and break camp.

By the return to our vehicle at the end, every single drainage and crossing was flowing heavily and one member of the party even went for a brief swim up to the knees on one crossing. Most of the day on day 3 was spent in clouds/fog that never went away.

All in all, a good time =)
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