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To the Border, AZ
mini location map2019-08-03
21 by photographer avatarRedRoxx44
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To the Border, AZ 
To the Border, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 03 2019
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As I walked up the old road in the canyon the humidity wrapped around me. The road faded away, jumbles of rock, some trash from the illegal crossers', nothing real recent. The canyon beautiful with oak and sycamore draping it's bottom and a few old rock walls hinting at the past. At first I felt a bit creeped out, like something or someone was watching me. The bottom was dry, I round a corner and the wonderful sound of rushing water, a small pour over and pool. Easily passed. Now little pools and gentle running water, makes things better immediately. The canyon starts to canyon up, some small falls to scramble up. Finally I have to do a go round at a 12 footer vertical and wet. I am wondering where the border is. I had casually looked at the map at home and didn't have anything with me.

Finally an old silted in dam, a landmark, the border not far away. I had a destination near here. Finally the border fence, no signs, but it had to be it, and getting out of the canyon here not easy, a little cliff climbing.
The fence here is cut. I walk onto the other side; the canyon crests out not too far away. No one around and I check it out, traverse back toward my side, on a sunny hill side aiming toward a tall white sentinel far above me. It's hot but I slug it out. The old monument has the plaque on the US side in English and the Mexican side in Spanish. Announcing the treaty in 1882 according to the plaque. I take a break in the slight shade of a small tree here, views everywhere and the canyon far below me.

I raise my sun umbrella. I take partly the ridgeline back on a good trail. I am getting too hot, I want the cool pools below. I come off the ridgeline and traverse into a small canyon to the main. This turns out to be fun with some little drop offs to slide down and some little pools to sit in and cool off. At the last pour over someone's drug bale had a blow out and sits ruined in the sun, all the greenery inside brown and moldy.

At one of the last pools I drop my pack , lay in it, and get back to the car just getting dry from my thorough wetting. The hazy skies are clouding up and the rain is dropping in spots. I get some windshield wiper action on the interstate, but that is about it.
Hard hike today but I got several things done, the old monument, the high point on the US side of this little range. Some international free range hiking. No encounters of any kind. Just lots of birds singing. My kind of hike.
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