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Apache Junction, AZ
mini location map2017-03-25
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Apache Junction, AZ 
Apache Junction, AZ
Walk / Tour avatar Mar 25 2017
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My turn to show off some photos :D

Last summer, I was contacted by Larry Johnson, CEO of the Apache Junction Chamber of Commerce. Larry had seen several of my photos posted on Facebook and wanted to know if my photos could be enlarged without pixelating so I asked him how large he intended to go. He told me that he wanted to have see-through window "wraps" put on the six exterior windows and the entrance doors of the C.of C/Visitors Center building in downtown Apache Junction. So I grabbed some of my photo Albums and met with him at his office.

The six windows are approx three by four feet and the entrance door is about five feet tall and each door is about two and a half feet wide. I assured Larry that my camera's photo quality was more than sufficient to produce sharp photos for those dimensions, so we began discussing his plans further. The photos would be like the photos that you commonly see on the mass-transit buses, from the outside, you see a picture or an advertisement, but from the inside, you can see right through the windows.

The desired photos should be of businesses that are customers of the C of C like the Mining Camp Restaurant, the Superstition Mountain Museum, Goldfield Ghost Town, etc. Larry selected several photos that I already had in my files while the rest should include scenic photos of the local Superstition Mountain area. I made trips out to Tortilla Flat and the Dolly paddle-wheeler on Canyon Lake to fill in some of the missing required photos until we had all the windows and doors filled.

With the photos selected, I met with representatives from Ray's Printing in Apache Junction to get the proper formatting and cropping of the photos and turned them loose on getting the window wraps made. It was an exciting moment last September as I stopped by to watch the crew from Ray's Printing install my photos on the building's windows and doors. All of my photos were donated to the Chamber of Commerce with the inclusion that my "watermark" must remain visible on all of my photos (two of the shots were by others).

The final product is really cool so the next time you're in Apache Junction and about to have a post-hike meal at the Los Gringos Locos restaurant, stop in at the Visitor's Center just North of there and look at the window art.
Jack Olson "Photos by Jack" ... ess/
On every trip into the Superstitions, I find another Gold Mine. Today the mine was filled with Memories. I can not wait for the next trip.
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