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mini location map2017-04-30
14 by photographer avatarimike
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Dog Canyon Trail #106Southeast, NM
Southeast, NM
Canyoneering avatar Apr 30 2017
Canyoneering5.60 Miles 1,900 AEG
Canyoneering5.60 Miles
1,900 ft AEG
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Ross, Will and William along with me to retrieve over sized fossil rock... worth the over the top effort because it appears to be a 350,000,000 year old rock among our 60 million year old layers.

We tagged on some nice upper canyon scrambling in Bishops Cap Cut (fossil down in lower section)... then began the awkward down canyon scramble with the 70#+ rock... after that, steep side hill scramble. Blew out pack shoulder strap buckle on the way up! Eventually, made it to trail... and after a bit over a mile, blew out the other strap buckle...? Rock may be heavier than I thought!?

Made it back to truck... home... and collapsed! I am way too far out of shape. Oh, well.

Now... need to get some geologists involved...
Ageless Mind... Timeless Body... No Way! Use It and Lose It. Just the way it is...
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Woodbury Fire Perimeter
Updated 2019-06-25 115,750 Acres - 48% Contained
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