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Scott Valley scenic drive, CA
mini location map2017-05-28
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Scott Valley scenic drive, CA 
Scott Valley scenic drive, CA
Scenic Drive avatar May 28 2017
Scenic Drive109.64 Miles 5,624 AEG
Scenic Drive109.64 Miles   3 Hrs   18 Mns   35.37 mph
5,624 ft AEG      12 Mns Break
1st trip
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Late afternoon drive from Lake Shastina to Gazelle, then west up the Gazelle Callahan road, climbing a gap between the Scott Mountains to the south and a series of ridges in a nameless mountain range on the north side. As the road begins it's descent into Callahan, you wander through a couple of small valleys hosting large ranches along the East Fork of the Scott River. The east and south forks of the Scott River meet in Callahan. Callahan, like Etna, Fort Jones, Greenville and other small towns of the coastal mountains of Siskiyou, Del Norte, Trinity, and eastern Shasta counties are the result of late 19th century gold rushes. Those towns that have reasonably survived to this day now derive their life from recreation, timber, and in the case of the Scott Valley towns, ranching and farming. The Scott Valley is a rather large valley, with numerous ranching and farming (hay and alfalfa) operations.

There was very little traffic, even for a holiday weekend. There are very few eateries on this route, with only a couple open. The Etna Brewery closes at 4 PM on Sundays, so we missed out there. This is definitely a drive meant for a Saturday, especially if you want to stop at any local second hand shops, Etna Hardware (which really looked cool), or for something to eat. We used this drive as an opportunity to plan our next trip into the area and develop a list of things to research.

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