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Deadfall Lakes, CA
mini location map2017-08-11
9 by photographer avatarmdfabbrini
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Deadfall Lakes, CA 
Deadfall Lakes, CA
Hiking avatar Aug 11 2017
Hiking6.85 Miles 1,787 AEG
Hiking6.85 Miles   5 Hrs   17 Mns   1.60 mph
1,787 ft AEG   1 Hour    Break
1st trip
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This hike is located in the Trinity Mountains westt of Weed. From the junction of US Route 97 and Interstate 5 it is 19 miles to the trailhead on Forest Service road 42N17. There is a small parking area in the bend of the road.

The trail follows Deadfall Creek uphill, winding it way back and forth across the creek, through stands of pines and cedars, alternating with spring fed meadows covered in abundant wild flowers. After approximately 1.65 miles, you reach the junction with the Pacific Crest Trail, as well the trail that goes down to the first Deadfall Lake (lake 7139). Apparently the Lakes are nor individually named, so I'm referring to them by their noted elevations. I did not visit the first lake, but rather made my way to the second lake (7259), where I are my lunch. This the largest of the five lakes. I noted several good camp sites primarily at the north and south ends of the lake.

After lunch, I visited the other 3 lakes, lingering at lake 7790 to take pictures. The other 2 lakes are really small seasonal ponds, created by snowmelt. The other three are spring fed and stunning. Lake 7790 is located at the bottom of the cirque, with the peak of Mount Eddy towering above it.

I proceeded to the trail junction where you start the final half mile, 1000 foot gain, to Mount Eddy, but it was 3:45 PM and clouds were gathering, so I turned around. I had gotten a late start and fiddled around taking pictures, so I didn't really have another hour required to get up and down the peak. I'll go back in a couple of weeks.

I must note that there was a lot of traffic on the trails. The number of day hikers was matched by PCT hikers going both ways. As I was heading out, I met 4 parties coming in to camp at the lakes. Hopefully things will calm down a bit after Labor Day.

I'll have to work on a trail description in the near future.
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The creek was feed by not only outflow from the lakes, but numerous springs in meadows along the creek.

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