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Yellow Butte, CA
mini location map2017-06-04
8 by photographer avatarmdfabbrini
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Yellow Butte, CA 
Yellow Butte, CA
Hiking avatar Jun 04 2017
Hiking1.53 Miles 391 AEG
Hiking1.53 Miles   1 Hour   15 Mns   1.22 mph
391 ft AEG
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Yellow Butte is a hill on the north side of US Highway 97 about 12 miles northeast of Weed. Unlike other nearby peaks which are some kind of volcanic feature (dome, cinder cone or shield volcano), Yellow Butte is an uplifted complex of intrusive igneous and metamorphic rocks. This makes for some interesting quartzite outcrops on the top of the hill, and the unexpected diorite pluton along the first third of this route I hiked today.

The route I've seen described elsewhere is a 3 mile round trip starting inside a Forest Service gate alongside Highway 97 on the west side of the hill. Because my available time was short, I chose a shorter route on the east side of the hill on Yellow Butte Road, a narrow, dusty two-track off of 97. Truth be told, both routes to the peak are old two tracks themselves - in fact, one could drive to the summit in a 4WD high clearance vehicle. But, as I got near the top, I encountered a guy camping in a beat-up, 30 year old, 2WD, low clearance Chevy van at the top - so don't I guess I don't know what I'm talking about.
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