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Abandoned railbed exploration, CA
mini location map2018-02-20
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Abandoned railbed exploration, CA 
Abandoned railbed exploration, CA
Hiking avatar Feb 20 2018
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I spent some time exploring this possible abandoned railbed because I originally was hunting down an old benchmark.

I had seen the benchmark noted on a couple of older topo maps. When I found the NDS data sheet for the benchmark, it noted that it was located along an abandoned Southern Pacific railbed. I have found no indications of an old railroad grade on any historical maps. Then while reading a local history book, it noted that the Weed Lumber Company had built a railroad out to this area in 1904. Further research seems to indicate that SP bought the railroad some years later, then replaced it with the route that comes from Black Butte sometime around 1926.

I ended up walking about a half mile of the railbed. It is choked with manzanita. I jumped off of it and walked along the base of the raised bed back to the car. Interestingly, there’s no sign of railroad ballast on this bed. I could not find the benchmark on this outing, but I think I have a clearer idea of where to look on my next trip.
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