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Exploring a historic road segment, CA
mini location map2019-01-28
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Exploring a historic road segment, CA 
Exploring a historic road segment, CA
Hiking avatar Jan 28 2019
Hiking2.57 Miles 301 AEG
Hiking2.57 Miles   1 Hour   12 Mns   2.14 mph
301 ft AEG
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This was a hike to the horseshoe bend of the Pacific Highway/1926 US 99 route crossing Big Canyon Creek between Mount Shasta and Dunsmuir. It was late in the afternoon and I was running out of light, so I was only able to walk the south leg and explore the culvert. The culvert is at 41.2764858, -122.28346320000003. The Pacific Highway was the forerunner to US 99 and Interstate 5, from Seattle to Los Angeles. This segment was gravel up to 1922, when it was paved in concrete by Henry Kaiser. It received the the US 99 designation in 1926. This horseshoe bend was bypassed in 1934.
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