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mini location map2019-07-10
15 by photographer avatarJim_H
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East Baldy Trail #95Alpine, AZ
Alpine, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 10 2019
Hiking14.00 Miles 2,100 AEG
Hiking14.00 Miles   6 Hrs   20 Mns   2.40 mph
2,100 ft AEG      30 Mns Break10 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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This hike is one I've put off for many years. I'm glad I didn't do the loop as this was plenty long enough for me. I've also heard the West baldy is less scenic or offers fewer views than the East Baldy. The East Baldy was more or less meh. Reminds me too much of Colorado. I went to the white man summit and did enjoy that, especially looking out across the Arizona Highlands from the Pinalenos, to the four Peaks and Sierra Ancha.

Camping the night before was a lot of fun. I set up in a grassy area with a view of Escudilla Mountain. From the time I got out of my car until I finish eating my steak dinner the cows congregated around me mooing. It was rather funny.
My favorite color is 6!
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