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Saguaro Lake Bluff Loop, AZ
mini location map2018-05-16
22 by photographer avatarCannondaleKid
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Saguaro Lake Bluff Loop, AZ 
Saguaro Lake Bluff Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar May 16 2018
Hiking5.20 Miles 1,119 AEG
Hiking5.20 Miles   3 Hrs   12 Mns   1.67 mph
1,119 ft AEG      5 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
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Tracey had the day off and a ton of chores to complete, so she wanted something we could complete before by late morning. Hmmm, let's see...

She's never been along the bluffs along the north side of Saguaro Lake, so I figured a return trip 7 months after my previous bluff hike might be a good choice. When I mentioned the bluffs above Saguaro, she didn't hesitate to give the thumbs-up. :DANCE:

After parking a few hundred yards from Bush Highway, Tracey asked "Where's the trail?" :-k
To which I replied "Huh? There ain't no trail, we may follow some game trails but it's all cross-country."

Boy, if looks could kill, I'd be a dead man. :x

I knew fox-tails were likely her biggest concern so I pulled out a new pair gaiters for her to try, hoping the peace-offering would suffice. :--:

Well, she was game to try the gaiters, and truth-be-told, they worked a heck of a lot better than the last ones she tried. At least she kept the mumbling under-her-breath to a minimum.

As advertised, we continued along the bluff toward Butcher Jones. Nearing the end we saw just over a dozen wild horses on the way to the lake by the beach, so we continued until we could see them in the water drinking their fill. Once they started to leave, we decided it was time to hurry down to the wash and possibly 'head-them-off-at-the-pass' and get photos and maybe more video.

As we began our descent, we quickly realized options providing even a modicum of comfort were non-existent. As we were wandering back-and-forth checking out various routes, Tracey calls my name trying to get my attention.

Now if she had just said "bighorn sheep" I would have responded immediately. But, as a male with selective hearing I wasn't responding as expected. Only at the exact moment I spotted the bighorn did she finally blurt out bighorn!

After a quick photo or two I starting filming... only to have the bighorn stand motionless. ](*,)
Eventually it moved,and when it did it was gone within moments. Such is life. :doh:

(Side note: Javelina will do the same thing to me... they will be on-the-move when I take stills, but the moment I start filming they stop dead and just stare at me.)

Between the bighorn encounter and the route finding it took us quite some time to reach the wash. However, as usual, the horses tend to hang around in the shade near the beach after drinking so we found a nice 'hide' above where they passed on the way to the lake, and sat down for a quick snack while we waited.

Oh great! The horse decided to take a different route away from the beach. Again, something I've seen them do, but it meant we missed the best opportunity. But we really didn't miss out... we would catch up to them much sooner than expected, and were warned-off by one of the more attentive stallions. :x

Not wanting to make a fuss (or have a stallion after us), we doubled-back and took another route above the wash to bypass the herd. Once high enough, we could now see there wasn't just the first herd we saw an hour or so earlier, but there were easily two dozen milling around in the same area.

It's getting warmer so it's time to move on. We climbed one last bluff adjacent to the road into Butcher before following the remnants of an ancient road back to the car.

So... between the bighorn and the horses, by the end of the hike there was no sign of Tracey's pre-hike ire.
Lucky me! :y:

Bighorn Sheep video
(Wild horse videos will be posted next week.)
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Saguaro Lake
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