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Indian Ridge via Whistlers Summit
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mini location map2018-06-24
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Indian Ridge via Whistlers SummitAlberta, AB
Alberta, AB
Hiking avatar Jun 24 2018
Hiking6.60 Miles 2,650 AEG
Hiking6.60 Miles   4 Hrs   30 Mns   1.65 mph
2,650 ft AEG      30 Mns Break
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We did this hike the second day after we got in Jasper. It was one of the best hikes in the area and not many people do it. We chose not to hike the portion of the Whistlers Mountain where you could take the Jasper SkyTram up. I'd recommend doing it that way - the hike up the Whislters Mountain is forested and doesn't have much of any view and is the effort you do not have to spend!

From the Upper Tram Terminal, it's close to a mile to the real Whistlers Summit (there's a false summit). The top of Whistlers Summit offers a good view of the town of Jasper and a good view of the Indian Ridge, which is another 3 miles with a lot of climbing. It was super windy!

After we dropped down the other side of the Whistlers Summit, the climb toward Indian Ridge started. We ran into 4 people in 2 groups who had summitted the ridge on our way up. On our way down, we ran into a young couple who were going up, but were not planning on summitting, which probably was a good thing because they seemed fairly inexperienced and were getting lost along the way. It's hard to imagine that there probably were over 2,000 people taking the tram a day and then getting on the summit of Whistlers, but there were fewer than 10 people who'd continue on to summit the Indian Ridge.

Wife waited for me at the false summit while I did the last 30 minutes to the summit, which was somewhat technical and had a lot of exposure with tons of loose scree. It wasn't a pleasant feeling for me while I was focusing on not to lose my footing or grip. One weird thing was along the traverse of a snow bank with exposure, I went along the tracks the previous 4 hikers had made. 3 feet above their tracks, a row of mountain lion tracks were paralleling their tracks traversing across the snow bank. The 360 views on the summit were incredible! Mt. Cavell was clearly visible. Mt. Robson (in the direction of the other side of the ridge) unfortunately was not visible on that day for some reason. I would've loved to traverse the entire ridge, but only went a little ways because I did not feel comfortable about my wife waiting at the false summit after I saw those cat tracks, even though I left the bear spray to her. Coming back down to the false summit was a bit more difficult than climbing up in those steep loose and exposed sections.

Once I was back to the false summit, the hike back was pretty smooth. The air was so much clearer in the late afternoon / early evening compared to the late morning. We had even better views of the mountain ranges and the town of Jasper from the Whistlers Summit.
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