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Six Shooter - Pinal Peak - Telephone, AZ
mini location map2018-11-09
23 by photographer avatarOdinWiski
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Six Shooter - Pinal Peak - Telephone, AZ 
Six Shooter - Pinal Peak - Telephone, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 09 2018
Hiking14.80 Miles 4,044 AEG
Hiking14.80 Miles   8 Hrs   4 Mns   2.28 mph
4,044 ft AEG   1 Hour   34 Mns Break
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1st trip
Started around 9:30 and the temps were close to 50. All day it felt like it was in the 50's and most of the hike was shaded, so it was great hiking weather. Took Six Shooter up to link up to Pinal Peak. Last time I was on Six Shooter a few years ago was a rainy spring day I think. This time it was fall color explosions :y: We really enjoyed this trail. View from the top of Pinal Peak was Ok - it was a bit hazy. We wandered and explored a whole bunch and took the Telephone Trail back down. I have to say that it was kinda bland / low reward. The last mile and a half seemed to be dragging on, especially when the hip that needs replacement was bothering me a lot. Next time we're in this area, we'll probably check out Icehouse Canyon trail instead. Didn't see anyone the entire day. Overall, great weather and beautiful hike.
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