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Turkey Beaver colors, AZ
mini location map2018-10-12
25 by photographer avatarOdinWiski
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Turkey Beaver colors, AZ 
Turkey Beaver colors, AZ
Backpack avatar Oct 12 2018
Backpack12.11 Miles 2,456 AEG
Backpack12.11 Miles
2,456 ft AEG
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Weekend hunt for colors. We parked off of 92 and started our hike into the wildlife area Friday late morning. Weather was perfect at pleasant 47 degrees. We started hitting colors quickly and also saw a mama bear and her cub darting away, a cow elk running away, and a bull elk running across 30 yards in front of us. I think I need to learn to hike with phone in hand ready for pics. Bear signs were overwhelming in this area. We wandered our way south, east, then north toward Beaver Canyon, where we set up camp. Evening and night were quiet and peaceful by the babbling creek with a crescent moon and a ton of stars.

Saturday we had a lazy late morning start. Climbed back up from Beaver Canyon and continued making our way a bit north and then looping back west and south. It started sprinkling on us on and off around 11am, but nothing too unpleasant. Saw another elk, 3 mule deer, and a cub (but didn't see its mother). We didn't see another person the entire time for the two days. By the time we were driving out at 1pm, parts of the Rim Road were covered in heavy fog and light drizzles and visibility was no more than 20 yards. Probably lots of rain for the rest of Saturday, but we were enjoying Mexican at La Sierra before heading back to the valley.

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