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Salvation Peak
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mini location map2018-12-15
23 by photographer avatarmt98dew
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Salvation PeakPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 15 2018
Hiking6.85 Miles 2,764 AEG
Hiking6.85 Miles   4 Hrs   30 Mns   1.52 mph
2,764 ft AEG
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I saught "Salvation", and it was not what I was expecting, didn't disappoint. I had tried to do this hike earlier this year, but had forgotten my Garmin ](*,) and couldn't ascertain which peak was Salvation from the vantage of Governor's Peak. This time I brought my Garmin with the downloaded route. :) Got on the trail right around 7am. It amazes me how it is still dark at that time! I didn't bring my headlamp, but it was still a little dim for first 15-20 minutes. Made good time on my way towards Governor's Peak. The trail was in decent shape, but a little overgrown in spots, becoming more so as I entered the Four Tanks area. There are quite a few cairns on the way up to (what I think of as) the first saddle out of Four Tanks. I have a feeling that I was crossing threads (trails) on my way up to this saddle. My route up didn't quite seem like previous hikes. This time I seemed to Hike the dry wash more. Whereas in previous hikes I stayed more on the banks first the northern bank then crossing over to the south side. Reaching the saddle provides the first good views of Castle Hot Springs. The place is looking good. The grass there looks greener than my back yard. Counted about 28 bungalows. Nightstalker (whom I met later on) says the place is open for business for a modest fee of $1500 a night, with a two night minimum :o :o . No wonder the grass looks so green. It's being "seeded" with hundred dollar bills :lol: . From the first saddle made it up to the second saddle, though to me it is more of a shelf. Had a little trouble staying on trail on this section. I knew where I wanted to go, so it was no problem. But the trail didn't seem nearly as clear cut as it had been on previous visits.

Upon reaching the second saddle/shelf I checked my Garmin, just to confirm that I was still on the correct route. Now, on my previous visit, I had picked out a couple of peaks that seemed likely candidates on being Salvation. With that imagery in mind, I had no desire to climb Governors then do all that descending to hit Salvation. So I thought I would be smart (that is usually a recipe for disaster) and swing west around Governor's Peak. This really didn't turn out that bad. The vegetation is sparse enough that I was able to pick my way fairly easily. Plus, I came across a couple of game trails that made for even easier travel. The one thing that made this "rough" was that Salvation was not where I had envisioned it. Salvation was further to the north than I thought, so I ended up circling over half of Governor's Peak to bring it into view. Salvation isn't so much a peak as a terminus/high point on a descending ridgeline. I was lucky this morning as it was windy and the flag was displayed nicely, so I was able to identify met destination. Reached the flag with a minimum amount of down climbing. There is quite a bit of exposure on the west side of Salvation, but the approach from the east/south is very doable. I thought the flag on Tramonto Peak was secure. Well the flag (and ladder) on Salvation aren't going anywhere! The pole has been cemented and bolted into place. It's a good size flag, so these extra steps I'm sure are necessary. From here, I decided to visit Governor's Peak on my way back. As I neared the peak I saw Nightstalker's group summit. Chatted briefly with him. It's always great encountering another HAZ hiker.

The return trip was uneventful. Though I did notice marker just to the south of the trail, while in the Four Tanks area. I'm guessing this is a mining claim marker. Didn't see any wildlife until I got back to the road when I came upon tarantula :) This is only the second one that I've seen on a hike! Weather was perfect. Overcast for most of the morning. Nice meeting another member of the HAZ community.
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