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West Fork Oak Creek Trail #108
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West Fork Oak Creek Trail #108Sedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 28 2019
Hiking3.50 Miles 150 AEG
Hiking3.50 Miles
150 ft AEG
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12-27-2019 a little late: Had to go up to Sedona to pick up our art from one of our eBay sellers as he was throwing in the towel so to speak.  I wanted to time it so that we could get in a Fall hike.  He gave us a tight timeline but we worked with it so that we could get three hours at West Fork.  I had a feeling parking would be an issue and indeed it was.  I thot we were further away than we were but it wasn't much of a walk down to the entrance but you must be mindful of the traffic as there is not a lot of walking room.

After crossing the bridge and already getting some photos, we looked around the remnants of the Mayhew Lodge before making our second creek crossing.  The temperatures would change dramatically as we dashed between the shade and sunshine caused by the canyon walls/and or trees.  It has been ten years to the month since I've done this hike in the fall  [ photoset ]  and fortunately, it didn't let me down and my niece was duly impressed.  She was in Tibbermode before you could finish saying Tibber :lol: .

The water was a little deeper than I thot it would be but I had my trekking pole so I could balance my way across the rocks.  The log was a bit more challenging; just don't have that confidence anymore.  Mia, of course, balance-beamed her way across (other people would fall at this crossing on our way back).  The trail is in nice shape of course but you do have to pay attention or you will veer off course.  Not that it's a big deal as you can't get lost or anything but you may have to figure out how to get back to the other side.

There was one section where the ground was full of colored leaves so we did our Joe/Bruce imitation and threw the leaves in the air while I filmed Mia using both my camera and hers.  By the way, her Pixel 2 takes incredible pictures.  When she sent them to me, I had to ask her if she had edited them as she normally doesn't and she didn't.  I am duly impressed with that Pixel 2; so much so that I considered buying the Pixel 4 that just came out but after further Rx, while it's an awesome camera, I'm going to wait for the Samsung 11.

We did follow the creek down one side for a bit and then I spotted a use trail up the bank so we took that which became our turn around point.  There was a bit of a trail to follow as well.  We saw a very large fallen double-log so we stopped there for a moment to capture some interesting pictures.  We ran into a local in the area who likes to go off the beaten path.  We came to another section that was engulfed in every color of leaf there could be :FG: The light was not the best but the color-packed scene still took your breath away. Here Mia got caught having to take other people's pictures a couple of times; she's much more gracious than her old aunt.

The one great thing about this hike, even in this short period of time, the light seemed a little different on the way back.  We did veer toward the creek a couple times to see what was happening with the landscape.  As you make that turn for your last foot crossing, we continued a bit to the right and took some pictures of the big pool of water and the cliff side.  It was a little cold here but the scenery was fun and Mia was continuing to put her Pixel 2 through all of its paces.

It was nice to get back in the full sun for the rest of our hike back but then in the shade back to the car.

Mia was very excited about this hike and since she is having renewed hip issues again, it fit her limits perfectly.  Now, to go gather our art from Sam and then have lunch.  We've found a new lunch spot at Village of Oak Creek since the Blue Moon closed, it's called P J's Village Pub We ate outside, had a great server.
FYI - The Romain Room is still open at the Sedona Consignment shop off of Coffeepot Dr. Be sure to stop in if you get a chance.

Here are the videos from a fabulous day at the West Fork Trail of Oak Creek, Sedona. They include both mine and Mia's photos and videos, thus four parts. Trust me though, the scenery was beautiful.

Part 1 [ youtube video ]
Part 2 [ youtube video ]
Part 3 [ youtube video ]
Part 4 [ youtube video ]
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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