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AZT Passage 35 Powerlines - Boundary, AZ
mini location map2019-10-12
26 by photographer avatartibber
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AZT Passage 35 Powerlines - Boundary, AZ 
AZT Passage 35 Powerlines - Boundary, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 12 2019
Hiking9.95 Miles 462 AEG
Hiking9.95 Miles   3 Hrs   45 Mns   2.97 mph
462 ft AEG      24 Mns Break
1st trip
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AZT in A Day. Our mission: Section 71 which I just realized I named backwards so I'll fix that as we hiked it northbound. Southbound would have been better for the views. This hike was a road walk. We drove it first after dropping Shawn's truck at the Boundary. Tracy and I thot we would be taking FR 301 but Shawn said we basically would drive the route we would be hiking. That drive was a little rough in spots as Ambika's truck slowly ambled to the Powerlines.

We got the group photo at the Powerlines before heading northbound for about ten miles starting around 10:26ish. Then we would shuttle back and get Ambika's vehicle and then shuttle back up to Moqui Station to set up camp. But.......... more on that later.

The Golden Rabbitbrush was in abundance as it covered the prairie with occasional bouts of a tree showing up, somewhat like what you envision in Africa. Some of the Rabbitbrush in this area had little white balls. I picked one off to discover a seedhead and later I picked another to discover it was starting to fluff out into a puff ball. The whole hike had Rabbitbrush in various stages and a lot of it.

And then there was a short almost encounter with a cow/calf as they made their mad dash to get away from the people in green and white tee shirts. Around 12:15 and five miles later... Shawn didn't believe we had actually gone five miles in 1:45. He said, "you mean 3 miles"; no Shawn, we did 5. So then the discussion became, if we keep this up, can we just finish that last 5 and not have to camp in the cold (low 30s). We felt pretty confident that we could but would wait to reassesses at the Boundary. So after a short lunch, we mounted up again. We did run into some thru hikers and Shawn gave them the heads up about the new trail on the new, just completed Happy Jack section.

A little later we would see a Veteran tagged vehicle but he (sitting in the vehicle) didn't say hello until we were passed him a piece. And then around Lockwood Tank, two bike riders would go by and one only said, "on your left" and the other said nada. Friendly bunch. Down a little further on the road we saw a bunch of Blue Jays dancing around but never lighting enough to get a photo. This was the second Blue Jay 'hood we had passed through today, one while driving and the other hiking. And at 2:24 we were done with our AZT in A Day and had already made plans a couple miles back to continue.

Video from our AZT in a Day portion of the hike: [ youtube video ]
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Mesa Butte
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For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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