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Slummin' with the SloFolks, AZ
mini location map2020-01-11
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Slummin' with the SloFolks, AZ 
Slummin' with the SloFolks, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 11 2020
Hiking8.28 Miles 684 AEG
Hiking8.28 Miles   4 Hrs   24 Mns   2.03 mph
684 ft AEG      19 Mns Break
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Got a chance to slum with Greg and Cathy to check out their unique way of getting to the GoJohn area of Cave Creek. I met them at their house, got a short tour (what a great house and location with Black Mountain as your backyard) and then loaded up in their ride. Greg dropped us below a little hill across Cave Creek Rd (Surrey Hills TH) that we would hike from and he would meet us coming off of the P.A. Seitts trailhead. This was all new to me so I was excited to see their route. Sadly they are building a lot of modern houses at the start of this multi-trail TH.

We headed west and hooked up with Greg not too far from the eastern part of the Slate Trail (I had no idea it came clear over here). Our first detour was the Louis Menk Overlook that is a little hill where the trail loops you around for some very nice 360 views and includes a couple benches. The view east is of the Surrey Hills, to the north is Spur Cross, to the west CCRP and south is the cityscape in the far distance.

Our next detour would be to the old Cave Creek Cemetery grounds. There is a marker there with a tall saguaro behind it. It's a very flat and somewhat less brushy area. There is an old telephone line nearby. We commented about being able to call home or some such thing.

We went back to the Slate Trail and took it to cross the creek. They said the creek was way down but you can see how high it was with the debris caught in the dilapidated Salt Cedar bushes. Once across the creek is the start of the loop and we headed NE near the river on the unmarked Military Trail. Greg shared with me some of the history of the area in regard to the route the military on horseback took via the wagons which would have to go around this area rather than thru it. Before we turned to the NW, we looked back at the remaining color on the trees along Cave Creek and at a couple greens of the Rancho Manana Golfcourse as well as their palm trees. Greg tells me it is the 5th green that we can see so well on the side of a hill.

The trail is very nice as we continued on our way. I noticed some stacked rocks that looked like it might have been from an old mine. They had not seen that before so we went and investigated. It was obviously filled in where the adit might have been. A little further down the trail you can see a new house going up to the north which totally spoils the view of course; such a shame. I see there is also another house out there altho you couldn't see it that well from the trail.

Eventually we continued up the long hill to reach the junction with the Quartz Trail where we took a break. We also encountered a bike rider here and two horseback riders. Next up would be to hike north to hook up with the GoJohn Trail as our goal today was 7-8 miles. We noticed a lot of brittlebush ground cover on the mountain as we hiked on its side over to GoJohn. We ran into a few more hikers before we reached the GoJohn.

On the GoJohn Trail, it wasn't too busy as we headed up and down the hill to the junction with the Jaspar Trail. Along the way we noticed some pretty-colored rockery and also caught a cactus wren going off rather loudly. I filmed it and Cathy commented they sound like a car having trouble getting started. Finally the wren quit yelling as her mate finally joined on the top of the saguaro.

Meanwhile, Greg was waiting for us at the Jaspar Trail which we used to join up with the Quartz/Slate Trail as we would swing back to the east. The Quartz/Slate Trail has some nice cactus along the way and we encountered a hiker we had seen earlier who was looping the other way. We passed by the intersection with the Quartz Trail and just a tad later the Flume Trail and continued on the Slate Trail which was covered for much of the way in Greg's favorite PHYLLITE. It is such fascinating material and when you're with the King of Phyllite, it gets noticed and appreciated much more.

Along this part of the Slate Trail there is a nice stance of saguaros right next to the trail and of course, on the hillsides. Eventually the Slate takes you back to the junction to where you started the loop just before crossing Cave Creek. Once again, it was amazing to see how high and wide the debris had gotten. And now at this point, I'm hiking for a TontoRita which Greg had told me about a few miles back. We take the exit off the Slate Trail to the PA Seitts TH on E Cloud Road.

After a quick stop at their house to change shoes/shirts we headed to Tonto Grill. Luckily we got a good table inside the bar and it was 25% off so even better. And yes, the TontoRita lived up to its name.Thank you for the company, hike and dinner; can't get much better than that. We walked over to the Half Way House to check it out. Greg recommends and you can sit and watch the golfers tee off. We finished off the day with coffee at their very nice abode before they finally sent me on my way home.

PS. On behalf of all of us hikers, thx to these two for helping to pay the taxes for many years to buy a lot of this preserve. It certainly was a worthwhile cause.

Here are two videos from our journey around Cave Creek Recreation Park and past its east boundary. All of the music is provided by HAZ's LosDosSloFolks:

Video 1 from Surrey Hills via Slate to Quartz junction:
[ youtube video ]
Video 2 from Quartz junction to Go John to Jaspar and on Slate... if it would ever upload. It's failed three times which is frustrating because then I have to figure out where the glitch is. ](*,) 1-19-2020 after a couple different tries, we now have success [ youtube video ]
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
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brittlebush ground cover.
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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