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Metate Jewel Dragonfly, AZ
mini location map2020-02-02
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Metate Jewel Dragonfly, AZ 
Metate Jewel Dragonfly, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 02 2020
Hiking5.08 Miles 314 AEG
Hiking5.08 Miles   2 Hrs   32 Mns   2.24 mph
314 ft AEG      16 Mns Break
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a former high school class mate was in town and she likes to hike. Last time she was here I took her out to the Supes as that was nearer to where she was staying. This time she was on the west side. She had commented that she's really getting to like the desert cactus so I thot something up at Spur Cross would be ideal.

But first I had Wendy look at my yard so that she can give me some ideas as to what to do with it for the next 15 years and then we had lunch at Manuels. Wendy had hiked in Sikkim and Debbie in Nepal so I got to listen to them compare notes. That was great fun. I also got to ask Debbie more about her Olympic Trial Running back in the 80s. from an article this week in ... 2VSXxrXGkg:
With the 1984 Olympics came the first opportunity for women to compete in the international spectacle. All eyes were on the trials marathon for women and the women did not disappoint.
Tom and Debbie made U.S. racing history when they each qualified for the '84 Olympic trials, his race held in Buffalo, New York, and hers in Olympia, Washington. That feat was duplicated for just the second time for the 2016 trials, but neither of those siblings rose to the calibre of the Raunigs. A third brother and sister pair recently qualified for the 2020 trials, too.
It's really quite the story.

Oh, the hike. So we headed up to Spur Cross with her dog Duke along as well. I was worried that it might be a little warm based on the forecast and that we had such a late start but we got lucky and the temp couldn't have been nicer. The first part of this hike is the road walk but it gave Debbie a chance to see the lay of the land with Skull Mesa ahead and Elephant Mountain to the west. We dropped down to the Creek which would amaze me all day by the amount of water; the most I've ever seen when hiking out there.

And then it was back up to the Metate Trail, the land of the giant saguaros. We spotted some mallards down in the creek and some deep pools as we continued west. We admired these giants and she was glad to see a metate. We got the requisite standing next to a saguaro shot which isn't easy here among these tall saguaros. We took the Towhee Trail as well since I hadn't been on it in some time.

We stopped at the Oasis and checked out the Ironwoods across the way. Next we stopped at the ranch building foundations area to look around a bit. As I tried to remember my history of the area and the owner and the plane accident (I had forgotten that technically we were walking on the runway and that the plane parked where the oasis is ... 5149755412), I took her to the pool and spa foundations. We headed back to the trailhead as I decided to cut off the Tortuga/Spur Cross part as it would be getting late by the time we got over to Dragonfly Trail.

We then walked over to the Jewel of the Creek Trail (I'm still surprised no one, including myself, has done a hike description). We went down and to the north, crossed the creek to the other side (don't think I've done that side before) and headed toward the Dragonfly Trail. Of course, at every water crossing or pool I would have to comment about there being so much water; I'm sure Debbie, who resides in the western part of Montana, doesn't fully get how giddy we get about all this water that would probably be pretty normal to her. Now on the Dragonfly Trail I showed her how wide and high all the old debris gets after a big rain swells the creek. We passed the mine adit as we continued our southward trek to Cave Creek Lake which did not disappoint. The plank crossing here was the finest I've seen out there too.

And now it was a u-turn and up the hill where I showed her some of the old mining stuff. It finally warmed up as the breeze had stopped. We headed back down to the creek and then up and out and back to Tonto Jr where we got go enjoy a now rare-to-be beverage: Huckleberry Wheat Lager as Great Northern Brewery. Fortunately I still had some of my stash from cousin Connie and shared it with my fellow Montanan.
They lost their lease as their building was sold. A couple side notes: my dad owned part of that building for a tiny bit in the early 1980s when it was the Cadillac Hotel and Hanging Tree Bar (where I hung out before or after on the day I got married; don't remember now :lol: ) And another tie, is the woman that sold it was married to a fellow Havreite (a divorce thing :( ). Anyway, it is in a prime location in downtown Whitefish and a beautiful building.
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For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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