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Mount TritlePrescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Hiking avatar Jun 26 2020
Hiking8.46 Miles 2,215 AEG
Hiking8.46 Miles   4 Hrs   18 Mns   1.97 mph
2,215 ft AEG
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I’ve been in the Mount Tritle area several times before, but it was so long ago that I hadn’t figured out how to edit videos, so I just uploaded a random segment I shot on my iPhone. I figured it was time to return. 😁

Mount Tritle is named after Frederick Augustus Tritle (1833-1906), the sixth governor of Arizona. Tritle was a lawyer, banker and financier, who operated mines in Nevada and Jerome, Arizona. I learned something new today! 👨🏻‍🎓

Rather than starting from the “forward” trailhead at Kendall Camp, I started hiking a ½ mile back, at the intersection of FR 79 and FR 79A. I figured I could use the extra mile of exercise, but by the time I reach Mount Tritle’s summit, I was wishing I had parked a bit closer. 😅

I took plenty of 30-second breathers on the climb up Mount Tritle. Even though it was only 64℉ when I started, the direct sunlight, in the thinner high-altitude air, made it seem warmer. The plentiful shade provided by the pines, juniper and oak were a big relief. The bestest, mostest shadiest pine of all was on Mount Tritle’s summit.

The summit of Mount Tritle was mostly covered with scrub, most of it stabby, but a lot less grabby & painful than catclaw. The true summit is 100 yds. southeast of where the USGS topo claims it is. The topo summit is marked by an old 3′ x 3′ antenna base marked “W7GOK / K7EUR”, the initials “BL”, “TB” and “JS”, and is dated “6-25-61”. A quick google search confirmed my suspicion that the code letters were amateur radio “ham” callsigns: W7GOK was James H. Schultz, and K7EUR was Bill F. Lesko, both of Phoenix. No idea who “TB” was. 📡

Mount Tritle’s true summit is marked by a small cluster of exposed rock, 100 ft. south of the shady summit pine. According to the topo, there is a wood shack on the summit, but it disappeared years ago. (Topo information can lag reality by as much as 50 years.) There is a 3 ft. high cairn where the shack used to be.

At various spots along the ridge, Maverick Mountain, Spruce Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Moscow Peak, Mount Davis, Mount Union, Granite Mountain, Thumb Butte and Glassford Hill are visible. Also, there are great views southwest, past Wagoner and Walnut Grove in the lush Hassayampa River valley, towards the Weaver Mountains, including Antelope Peak and Yarnell Hill. I could clearly see the large gold & silver surface operation at Zonia Mine, midway between Walnut Grove and Peeples Valley. Closer, a mile down Dosoris Canyon, I could see active operations on lower parts of the Davis-Dunkirk Mine. There was quite a bit of shooting down there. Maybe claim jumpers. 😈

After lunch under Mount Tritle’s shady summit pine, I started back down. Still taking plenty of breathers, and even a 10 minute break near the Maverick Mountain saddle. I put out a cap filled with gatorade, hoping to attract a hummingbird. No luck: The only thing that flew by were a pair of fighter jets. I looked, but could not spot them -- only the bluest sky I have ever seen in my life. 🤗

Hike Video:
Ladybug beetle
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Isolated
A couple of prickly pear, a few penstemon (but VERY red), butterfly weed, some light purple thing I think might be a wire lettuce, and a light blue/purple shrub flower that sprinkled all along FR 9403C.
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