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Highline Trail - RT Pine TH to Webber Creek, AZ
mini location map2020-06-06
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Highline Trail - RT Pine TH to Webber Creek, AZ 
Highline Trail - RT Pine TH to Webber Creek, AZ
Backpack16.30 Miles 2,761 AEG
Backpack16.30 Miles2 Days         
2,761 ft AEG
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This was a gorgeous, yet brutal, out and back trip along the segment of the Highline trail/AZT Section 26 from the Pine TH to Webber Creek. I was using this as a gear shakedown trip as my first time backpacking in several years. I only mention this as I was carrying way too much weight, making the accumulated elevation gain even more challenging. Not my brightest move to use this trail as a shakedown but I did learn quite a bit.

The climb through the first drainage was rather pleasant and not particularly exposed. I did misread a trail marker and end up on the Pine View trail for about a quarter-mile before I realized I was going the wrong direction. That was pure pilot error on my part as the trail is well marked. The switchbacks were exposed but also pleasant going through what reminded me of an orchard. I thought I had done most of the work of the day when I reached the southern tip of Milk Ranch Pt and Red Rock Spring (Plenty of water). I was wrong. The views definitely made the ups and downs well worth it. The trail was mainly exposed. Having started around 2 (too late for many reasons), I didn't get to the Webber Creek area until twilight was ending.

As I walked into the Webber Creek area, there was a couple camped out at the creek already. They took pity on me and offered to let me setup my hammock in the same area. The unexpected companionship was very welcome and something for which I am very grateful. Webber Creek is as beautiful and pleasant as I remember from my summers working at Camp Geronimo back in the mid-80s. The nostalgia made the camp experience even better.

The hike out in the morning was much better. Because I knew what to expect, I was able to plan my water usage and refills better. The views. Oh my, the views. I just cannot say enough about them.

The trail, especially the early parts, were heavily used by day hikers and a handful of other backpackers.
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