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Highline-Horton-Rim Wander-Babe Haught lp, AZ
mini location map2017-10-14
11 by photographer avatarLindaAnn
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Highline-Horton-Rim Wander-Babe Haught lp, AZ 
Highline-Horton-Rim Wander-Babe Haught lp, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 14 2017
Hiking16.69 Miles 3,551 AEG
Hiking16.69 Miles   8 Hrs   40 Mns   2.14 mph
3,551 ft AEG      51 Mns Break
1st trip
We headed east on Highline from Tonto Creek in refreshingly cool temps--low 40's to start. It quickly warmed up as the sun climbed higher, but I am very ready for winter weather. We cruised along the Highline, joined by a group of three dogs, all were wearing two collars, one of which was a gps tracker/receiver type thing; two dogs dropped off quickly, but one stayed with us for the next few miles. Saw one guy going the opposite direction on Highline, he looked very out of place. We took a break at Horton Spring, where there was one other hiker, a very unhappy looking woman--not sure what her problem was--and we soon left her to her miserable silence while we headed up Horton Spring trail.

The dog was still tagging along, and a few minutes after leaving the spring, her collar started beeping and we could hear people yelling for her from below, apparently her owners had tracked her down. Then she started yelping like crazy, and after a moment of wondering if she'd bitten by a snake, we realized the second collar was a shock collar, and that her owner was repeatedly setting it off. We tried to get her to go back down the trail, but she kept coming back to us. After at least six or seven shocks, her paws were bloody from thrashing around on the trail, and we were starting to feel bad for her. We'd yelled down to her owner, to no avail. They shocked her again as she was standing next to me, and in her panic, she turned and bit my leg. Then tried to come back for a second bite, but we were able to jam a trekking pole into her mouth and the force of the bite against the pole broke a few of her teeth out. I'm glad it was the pole that took that bite and not my leg. At that point, we were getting irritated with her owners and Nick tried firing one shot to see if she would run back downhill. Nope. She stayed with us, I kept my distance from her, and she got shocked a couple more times. We had nothing to cut the collar off, which we would have done had we been able to. Finally, she laid down on the trail, exhausted, and we heard nothing else. We reached the top of the trail a few minutes later, I cleaned off my leg--nothing bad, a bruise and a very minimal of blood; it hurt, but was fine.

Up top, we had a rough route drawn up, but mostly wandered from one patch of color to the next, improvising as we went. We quickly encountered about a dozen elk, then didn't see much else for the next couple of hours. There were some nice aspen groves, and a good sprinkling of maples too. Aspens are my favorite, so it was good to see their fall color show. We stopped for lunch just after noon, then started heading back south, cross country, again just wherever looked good. Saw one pronghorn, then a coyote. Got on a road for a little while, then Gen. Crook over to Babe Haught and down. Couple of downed trees and washouts on Babe, but not too bad. Saw two more people near the bottom, and we finished up earlier than expected, around 4:00. Nice day, good to see some color without the crowds, and perfect weather.
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