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Border Marker 115, AZ
mini location map2021-02-27
23 by photographer avatarHikerWill
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Border Marker 115, AZ 
Border Marker 115, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 27 2021
Hiking1.50 Miles 1,350 AEG
Hiking1.50 Miles   2 Hrs   35 Mns   0.67 mph
1,350 ft AEG      20 Mns Break
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1st trip
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BM 115
Rte 82 – AKA Patagonia Highway
Turn down the road in front of the Little Red School house. This is Duquesne road.
5.2 miles down Duquesne road take a turn south onto FR4667
So far a regular car can travel this. I can make it in my Dodge Avenger.
Follow this to the border and head East.
The border road is very wide and steep in places.
The only way to make it up some of the new grades is with 4wd.
The road ends at the top of a wash and its about a 200 foot drop in elevation to the wash before heading up the first mtn.
Following the fence works. I followed it until it dropped over the edge of a wash and got super steep.
From the wash to the first peak/saddle is only up.
Last weekend I draped a blanket over the fence as a reference to this point.

IF you follow the fence from here you will end up going way down and up and down and up and down and finally up to the marker.
It’s more direct.
I chose to take the hillside. It kind of resembles a bowl.
As I went along the base of the hill I gradually edge up in elevation until I met back at the fence about 50 feet below the marker.
The marker has some graffiti on it. There are several sections of fence missing.
A path heads across the border to the top of a hill across the saddle.
The path on the US side heads to the top of the hill and I decided to follow this..
Amazingly clear path. easy to find and stay on.
This dropped down on a shallow saddle and headed up the next hilltop.
I headed down the saddle.
There are lots of places that look like someone has stacked rocks to make a shelter barrier.
Stopped halfway down for my first break and head voices.
There were people on horses across from me. Too far to make out details.
It’s easier to walk up beside the cut up to the end of the road.
On the way back I took some pics of progress of the border before it shut down.
They dig a trench that looks about 10 feet deep and then fill it with rebar and concrete.
The panels go on top of this.
The panels are filled with concrete about 8-10 feet up.
Times below.

8:53 left truck
8:58 in wash
9:10 found the sports tape I dropped last weekend
9:33 same point reached last weekend. It took 90 min then.
9:42 hiked around ill side instead of following fence to save elevation gain and lost. Found really big chunks of quartz
9:58 at BM 115 – 1 hour 5 min
Did not stop and rest yet.
10:07 – peak to North
10:37 – rest
10:55 – rest over – heard voices. Man in a green shirt on a horse.
11:19 – base of hill
11:28 back at truck
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