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Buffalo Ridge Park and exploration, AZ
mini location map2021-03-07
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Buffalo Ridge Park and exploration, AZ 
Buffalo Ridge Park and exploration, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 07 2021
Hiking2.86 Miles 510 AEG
Hiking2.86 Miles   1 Hour   31 Mns   2.07 mph
510 ft AEG      8 Mns Break
1st trip
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This was the hike I intended to to the day I broke my wrist but I opted for the Thunderbird Park area instead; oh well. So today was the day as it was going to be warm and I didn't want to do a lot. This is about 5 minutes from my house. It is also a frisbee course I think. I didn't really check that part out as I skirted the outer edge of it. Last posted trip report was 2015.

It was warm right off the bat even though the sky had light broken cloud cover. I saw another hiker so I followed her to get to the start of the trail. I hiked it east and then north alongside the housing area. I headed up a slight hill. I noticed a small mountain to the right but there were people there so I continued in the direction I had on RS; besides it wasn't on my route for today. As I came up and over and up I was at the fenced edge of the gravel pit. It was rather interesting to peruse. It does look like they actually cut into the side of Peak 1826 (the northern part of the Ridge).

I made my way around and started up the Ridge but decided it was pretty slippery. I would do okay going up but I am still babying my wrist so I headed back down and decided to go try the other mountain on the east. I was now going into exploration mode. I did a traverse to the top of the little peak at around 1637 feet. There is an interesting naked tree that looks like it was placed between the rocks.

Next it was to try and figure out how to get over to the rock-topped mountain, Peak 1726, where the American flag was flying. I could see a trail so I found my way and followed its faintness to where there was nothing but rocks. I thot there should be a way to get to the flag but I couldn't see anything so I just climbed up the rock🧗‍♀️. Ya I know, not the best thing to do with my healing wing but it was a short way up and the rocks were very solid. I didn't go to the very top as I didn't want to push it. Anyway, looks like there might have been some sort of fencing here. I assume someone is maintaining the flag as it's in good shape.

I carefully made my way down and past a campfire ring with some sort of metal bowl and scattered broken beer glass. I see the topo has a label for the Turkey Track Mine which is apparently on the eastern side; I was on the western side. I did go a little west to see if there was any more trail and there is as it looks like it takes you down toward some houses that are just off Cave Creek Road.

Next up was to check out the labyrinth I had see from the peak across the way. I traced my steps back and then took a left and headed south down what looks to have been an old road. The labyrinth appears to be in pretty good shape and has little brittle bush plants growing here and there with a quartz heart in the middle.

I headed west back up the hill and down the other side to where the trail takes you back to the Park. I decided that this little hike, a revised version, could work for a 'hood walk; altho on my 'hood walks I usually pick up my mail😉.

Well that was fun. I'll come back and get the official summits when my wrist is better healed and hike the western part of the loop too. 77 degrees and 18% humidity at start finishing at 12:18PM and 81 degrees.
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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