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mini location map2021-03-14
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Harquahala SummitSouthwest, AZ
Southwest, AZ
Hiking10.06 Miles 3,425 AEG
Hiking10.06 Miles   4 Hrs   6 Mns   2.45 mph
3,425 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Left Kingman a little after 7:30AM with some local folks. I decided I wanted to drive the dirt road to the trailhead in my Kia Forte and didn't do the greatest job of negotiating it. Just past the horse trailer parking area (0.4 miles from the trailhead), the biggest obstacle of the road was present and I decided to tap out there, parking off to the side. I did negotiate the road better on the return, so I was proud of that.

The rest of the group started at 10:38AM, but me, being a night owl and not a morning person at all, it was time for breakfast pancakes and syrup that I brought along. I ate, took my vitamins, rested and started hiking at 12:38PM. The beginning part of the trail, as you approach the base of the mountain, reminded me of Pima Canyon Trail down in Tucson. I enjoyed the climb up the rock laced drainage area and started to feel the hike at the old mining camp signpost. Hit the saddle and encountered the group coming down between the saddle and the summit. I made the top in 1:54, which I feel is respectable. I didn't stick around too long, just a couple minutes, then quickly headed back down to catch up with the rest of group. I hiked the last half of the descent with the group.

I enjoyed this trail. The summit was a little underwhelming, but I really didn't take any time to take in the views and perhaps my opinion was altered due to the wind. I would definitely hike it again, but probably leave my vehicle back at the gate. It got marked up pretty good trying to stay on the high side of the road. Only one other couple on the trail all day. Breezy conditions, but sunny, and I took a hooded sweatshirt that I never really needed. Carried 4-16.9 ounce bottles and drank 3 of them.
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