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Spencer Spring/Rock creek Loop, AZ
mini location map2020-01-25
9 by photographer avatarte_wa
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Spencer spring/Rock creek loop, AZ 
Spencer spring/Rock creek loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 25 2020
Hiking13.90 Miles 1,800 AEG
Hiking13.90 Miles
1,800 ft AEG
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1st trip
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so get this, from Miles you walk a good bit until the fire damage. oak flat was spared. after that, the "easy to follow, well maintained" spencer spring trail becomes a faint, washed out mess. no worries, trust Wally! did not have much trouble navigating the path, although i cant for my kingdom figure out why there is a "teaser" hill just before the big climb. nothing in the creek requires a 200' gain, then drop, before you exit. huh. anyway, spencer is thrashed. top of the hill and on to the road to drop down into Rock. now, i've been known to get excited for off trail hikes in the E. supes, and this delivered. this upper section of Rock is about as useless as a "trail" as a third big toe. so carry on, try not to get killed via pushwhacking. once in the creek proper, it's easiest just to stay the course. get your Jordans on, cause you'll need Air to get over the approximatley 1,642 felled trees. i camped after the guesstimation of 9.25 miles from Kennedy ranch. above freezing, but not by much. so i anticipate a good 4.5 miles back to the car as "off trail" the whole way. after all, it was pretty slow going. then voila! a pink ribbon, a couple cairns here and there, and for the continuing 4 miles the trail was a breeze.. crossing the creek about a dozen times, but never hard to find. thank you to whomever has been out there with a saw! maybe they can carry on the length of the trail along the upper section where it needs maintenance the most.
spencer is a hell hole. it will take a dozen-strong crew for a month to make that one fun again. Rock, however, is a gem and just what i needed in the E supes. that's some dang nice country, there. NO MORE FIRES, PLEASE!
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