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Cottonwood Lasso Loop, ID
mini location map2022-06-06
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Cottonwood Lasso Loop, ID 
Cottonwood Lasso Loop, ID
Walk / Tour1.72 Miles 122 AEG
Walk / Tour1.72 Miles   1 Hour      1.72 mph
122 ft AEG
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The triplog is a hike (walk/tour) but the pictures are more of scenic drives.

We got back a day early from Montana and didn't have anything on the agenda except we needed tequila so we decided to walk to the store. The weather had cleared enough for the moment so we headed down King Street. The crabapple trees among other beauties were blooming profusely so it was a colorful delight. The store, however, didn't have the tequila. We stopped by the Insurance place that cousin Betty used to work and she visited with her husband's niece who we had been bumping into off and on during my stay here.

From there we headed down to the main street and then up the hill to the south so that I could get a little AEG. We observed a lot more fabulous flora including some Engelmann Spruce and more lilacs and crabapple trees. The rain came off and on for about ten minutes but it wasn't enuf to deter us. We headed toward the old grain elevators next to the old inactive railroad track. It is so incredibly green here you almost wish you were a horse.

We walked over to the old railroad trestle.
Original construction of the Camas Prairie line through the rugged terrain of North Central Idaho was not easy, with more than 100 trestles needing to be built. The CPP was known as the "railroad on stilts" due to the many wooden trestles. In one five-mile stretch, there were more than a dozen trestles. It ran from 1908 to 2000. Bridge #50 Main Street, Cottonwood Idaho. 542' long and 51' high. Took 20 men a month to build probably 15 hours a day.
Our grandfather may have worked on this and other trestles before he migrated to Montana in 1913.

The views to Cottonwood Butte were pretty spectacular too. We walked down the hill and stopped at Arnzen Drug for me to pick up some Huckleberry Chapstick. We headed back to cousin Betty's place but not before stopping to go up another little hill to check out some more wildflowers. Then it was time for my new favorite huckleberry drink: 503 Huckleberry Lemonade with Vodka brewed in Oregon. Thanks to Linda for stalking me up. Hope to share with some of the neighbors this weekend.

For our May stay, we only really had good weather for a few hours while we were decorating graves, thank goodness. After that it was three days of pretty miserable weather and it didn't get above 50 degreees.
Here are the videos I compiled of my time in Idaho that involved lots of green rolling hills, snow-capped mountains, brilliant yellow camas fields and some great stands of the most intensely Blue Camas Lily:

1) May 24-25-26 to and at Idaho - White Bird Hill, Cemetery Decorating, Garden [ youtube video ] If you ever get the opportunity to drive White Bird Hill, it really is spectacular. We saw a large herd of at least a hundred goats down in the valley heading somewhere.

2) May 27 Tolo Lake Road including (Dominic Romain house and Tolo Lake where they discovered Columbian mammoths came to die, Grangeville VC Mammoth Display, Salmon River including the oldest archeological site in North and South America where they have recently put up interpretive signs and continue their research [ youtube video ]

3) May 28 wildflower stop on our way to St Gertrude's Monastery Museum including part of my heritage, farming and a recent find of silver plates turned into a book of our Nuxoll relatives. Also, many of our relatives went to St Gertrude's Academy. [ youtube video ]

3) May 29 the back roads to Lewiston from Cottonwood with guess what, inclement weather. We stopped at the Forest Saloon, very interesting and very dog friendly place. Next up was a late lunch with relatives at a Mexican joint and an extra large huckleberry margarita :D followed by a walk around Normal Hill Cemetery and Arboretum (what a clever idea) with all those Kaufmans [ youtube video ]

4) May 30 and 31 our coldest and wettest day: Memorial Day Cemetery Service and May 31st drive from Cottonwood to Lochsa Lodge including along Highway 12 and a river; almost 100 miles of winding road [ youtube video ]

4 and 1/2) just the Keuterville Cemetery Memorial Military Service [ youtube video ]

5) June 5-6-7 after Montana, the drive on Hwy 12 (from Montana border) after and during inclement conditions, walk around Cottonwood, drive to Lewiston, and aerial views via Lewiston to Salt Lake City [ youtube video ]
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For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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