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Whitefish River City Loop, MT
mini location map2022-07-16
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Whitefish River City Loop, MT 
Whitefish River City Loop, MT
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Now on to phase two of my summer trip to Montana.  Ambika would be flying into Kalispell so after a late breakfast at my friend's house in Big Arm, I headed north to Whitefish where I had procured my cousin's house to stay for the nite before heading to Glacier Park.  Wendy and I had stayed with my cousin back in 2018 when we backpacked Glacier.  They live on a houseboat on Lake Union so Whitefish is more of their vacation home now.

It's a pretty but busy drive as you make your way to Kalispell.  I knew I wanted to stop at Rosaurs to see if they had any of the Huckleberry Lemonade with Vodka that I had found when I was last in Idaho.  I didn't find the 503 but I found another one that was actually pretty good too,  Big Sky Spiked Seltzer Huckleberry Lemonade.     I ended up picking up another Hard Seltzer too.  After giving Tonto a bath and getting some fuel at Costco I headed north on Highway 93 where I stopped at my Grandparent's gravesite north of Kalispell.  I see they had fixed the cracked granite surround from when I was there last so that was nice.  I still need to add my grandmother's date of death plaque.  Anyway, I documented this beautiful site well so that my brother and nieces are aware of its location. 

When I got to Whitefish I stopped at Super 1 to pick up the half-corn/half-flour tortillas for our backpack trip and some lunch to take to the house.  I got settled in and a couple hours later, after doing some research, I headed out to do the Whitefish River Loop which was a combo of that and the City.  Oh, I used to live in Whitefish in the mid-70s as did my family so it's always interesting to come back.  It was easier this year than 2018 as that was the first time I had visited after my mother died.  Anyway, I don't know how old this Whitefish River City Loop is but you do have to pay attention as it moves between private and public land.  After crossing the bridge, you follow the river for not quite a half a mile until you cross Highway 93 that basically runs through the town.  You eventually reach the railroad tracks where you end up heading east along the north side of the downtown near Railway Street.  

I crossed over Baker Avenue and headed for the Whitefish Train Depot.  There was a large triple fish bronze sculpture [ photo ] along the way as I approached the old Great Northern Locomotive in front of the tracks.  The Depot has an Alpine look to it.  It is quite large.  In 2002, the Society had the building repainted in historically correct colors, a project that cost three-fourth as much as the entire 1927 construction cost.  On the other side of it is the old Great Northern Bruck (1951-1972).  I didn't know about that service either but I didn't live over here during that time.  Across the way is the Depot Park which is mostly grass with a few trees scattered about.  Of course there are those old fashion light posts with hanging flower baskets throughout the downtown including here.

I circled around to Baker Street to check out the replacement for the former Great Northern Brewing Company which is Black Star Brewing.  This makes me wonder why Great Northern Brewing chose to leave when the building was going to be sold and why they didn't stay.  Anyway, the Cadillac Hotel was the original structure that was torn down; it was next to the Hanging Tree Bar and Restaurant that my dad owned for a very short time in 1980 or so.  I headed back over to Spokane Street to continue my loop which will take me by what was my brothers' high school which now includes a Performing Arts Center in their old auditorium.  As I continued down the beautifully landscaped streets I came to my former bank, First Interstate.  It's quite a grand building now with lovely hanging baskets.

Spokane Street becomes Highway 93.  Per a sign, I would turn west on Fifth Street that goes by a southern looking Garden Wall Inn.  From here you eventually go by another Park (Baker) and end up down by the river. Next up is a little pond loop with a statue of a Blue Heron in the middle.  The pond is very green looking. This is apparently another park (Riverside).  I've arrived back at the bridge over the Whitefish River where I started.  There was all sorts of activity with lots of people jumping off the bridge and boats and people and dogs below.  I watched for a while before crossing over and back to my cousin's house.

Lots of memories even though our family only lived here for six years (a beautiful house on the lake).  However, we vacationed here in 1965 and 1966. Oh, I did get married here too. Plus my parents had an art gallery on Central Ave and my brothers graduated from Whitefish High School.  And a few families from the old neighborhood in Havre also moved here in the 70s and 80s.  They're all gone now too.

This particular video link was posted on my Meadowlark Lane and Lake Mary Ronan triplogs too:
Kerr Dam, Lake Mary Ronan, Big Arm, Whitefish [ youtube video ]
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For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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